Top 11 Best Electric Fillet Knives for Walleye in 2021

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The fillet knives for walleye have to face a texture that is different and unique. These knives behave differently as compared to the other knives due to their specific manufacturing.

The knife which is used for filleting must have a composition compatible with the Walleye body tissues, to do the job perfectly.

The perfect match between the knife and the walleye ensures half of the success while the other half depends on professional skills. The selected fillet knife must have the ability to cope with all the body parts of walleye, from delicate upper skin to hard backbone.

By observing the body structure of walleye, we have selected the top 11 fillet knives. We hope all of them would form the best combination with the walleye structure.

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Best Electric Fillet Knives for Walleye Reviewed

1. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala electric fillet Knife is best at completing the filleting tasks with its sharp stainless steel blade. Stainless steel is the perfect material for maintaining the smooth cutting of Walleye. The airflow design performs filleting tasks with the least friction between knife and flesh that promotes frictionless movement throughout the job.

Further, you can maintain your hand gripping with the least effort. The body structure allows easy movement over the hard surface like bones and ribs with no hindrances. Easy gripping enhances work efficiency for many hours without any fatigue. You can maintain the performance like a professional.

The powerful motor can afford the heavy workload for many hours. Plus, the motor parts maintain the least friction among its sub parts that keep the motor overheating. You can continue your job as an expert due to the long-lasting motor.

The cord is 18 feet long; hence, offers multi-directional work. The adapter of 110V AC makes the work powerful and fast. Rapala knives come amongst the best electric fillet knives for walleye.

  • Airflow design gives a smooth cutting
  • Enhanced effortless job
  • Easy to manage to flit
  • Ensures smooth cutting
  • The stronger motor allows fast work
  • May have strength issues

2. Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

Bubba Li-Ion cordless electric fillet knife gives easy cutting due to non-slippery handle which is composed of advanced plastic. The speed of filleting a walleye is enhanced by a trigger which gives extra security as well. This promotes a break less filleting job.

Additionally, the dual-rivet knife is strengthened by tin coating on stainless steel material that gives it extraordinary durability. This durability enhances the filleting speed of the walleye knife. Blades are convenient and easy to handle because you can remove them when cleaning is needed. You can store this fillet knife in a zipped bag which makes it secure and safe during the journey.

Plus, the LED battery used in the handle makes the knife function for a long time. It ensures a powerful job within no time.

The blade shape gives you maximum torque while filleting the walleye. Don`t worry about a problem related to rusting because blade material doesn’t allow corrosion. The airflow body design makes it the best electric fillet knife for walleye. It makes your whole professional journey perfect even if you are a beginner.

  • Enhanced torque providing blade shape
  • Convenient blades make easy cleaning
  • Security enhanced by trigger
  • Tin coating on blade give over strength
  • You cannot dish wash it easily

3. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

American angler PRO electric fillet knife gives double torque due to its heavy-duty and long-lasting motor. This powerful motor gives you the confidence of overcoming all types of hindrances. The superior drive train and fillet knife design also give heavy-duty performances over and over again.

The cool handset is composed of an advanced airflow design that makes you work for many hours without any fatigue and effort.

Plus, you can work with complete comfort and ease. Many professionals choose this fillet knife because of two years of life.

Surprisingly, the pro handset is compatible with both types of given blades. You can use both blades according to the situation and the part of the walleye while filleting. Plus, the blades are made of a stainless material that makes the fillet knife extraordinarily strong and durable.

The handset ensures comfortable and high grip throughout the working hours, because of its perfect and user-friendly design. All these features make it an electric fillet knife for walleye.

  • Ensure double tongue during cutting
  • Lifetime limited to 2 years
  • The motor has enhanced strength
  • Increased durability of the blades
  • Over compatible blades
  • May have the problem of switch sticking

4. Smith’s 51233 Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife

Smith’s 51233 Lawaia electric fillet knife performs smooth cutting because of airflow design. The blade is composed of stainless steel which gives flexibility and durability for its whole life span.

Furthermore, removable alternative blades can cover variable tasks. The curved-shaped blades give ease and comfort in filleting with great ease.

The handle of the fillet knife allows unstoppable work due to its airflow design. The high gripping handle style saves you from slipping out and makes your work fast and easy. Advanced plastic gives high leveled strength for a long time. A lightweight handle is enough for gifting frictionless and unstoppable tasks.

A long-lasting motor supports powerful tasks, even it can overcome hard surfaces while filleting walleye. The high-performing electric cord supports high voltage to fulfill the task with high speed.

The gloves offer security against damage while cutting the walleye. The big storage mesh gives safety against shocks and jerks to the tool while you are on a long journey. This comes under the category of the best cordless electric fillet knife.

  • Strong storage mesh
  • Protective gloves
  • Advanced airflow design
  • Extraordinary strong motor
  • Advanced handle knife
  • Ensures high safety by storage mesh
  • Have not seen it yet

5. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala alarm is a heavy-duty fillet knife that enhances the cutting capacity of hard structures like bones or ribs of walleye. It gives fast work even if you are dealing with large fish like walleye, salmon, and trout, etc.

The presences of large-sized alternative blades cover all filleting needs. The advanced airflow body design gives smooth and fast cutting with the help of a powerful motor with the least chance of heating up. The handle is comfortable and supportive that gives high gripping quality with zero fatigue and effort.

Yes! A powerful cord gives you plenty of reach around the table with great ease. The strong motor gives extreme power to overcome all types of hurdles whether it is a bone or a rib. You can professionally complete the task.

The blade is composed of stainless steel material that gives high cutting speed with extreme durability and flexibility. All these qualities make it the best cordless electric fillet knife.

  • The strong motor gives fast filleting speed
  • Airflow design gives over smooth filleting
  • Easy to manage all functions
  • Over sharp cutting blades
  • You may expose to chemicals

6. American Angler Electric Fillet Knife

American angler electric fillet knives are representative because of replaceable blades that are sharp and fast. This tool has the capacity of covering multi-tasks with great perfection for many hours.

The airflow body design is perfect for frictionless fast movement over the walleye body parts. The stainless steel gives enhanced strength and promotes fast cutting as well. The flexible and durable fillet knife blade gives high-level scope.

The manufacturing material gives the least chance of slipping out during fast cutting movement even over the hardest part of the walleye. The high gripping body gives comfortable and effortless filleting without any fatigue and friction. The lightweight body is effective for filleting all types of meat with exact and perfect angles.

Additionally, the motor is long-lasting and powerful with a high capacity of bearing a high workload. The power cord is long with an easy approach all over the table. Hence, this aspect makes it a comfortable and manageable tool. All these features make it the best cordless electric fillet knife.

  • Super lightweight body
  • Extreme effortless movement throughout the task
  • User-friendly handle style
  • Longer power cord
  • Have not seen it yet

7. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

American angler PRO professional knife comes with five different types of alternate blades that could be changed according to the filleting surface. These blades are made of stainless steel material which provides extra strength with over flexibility for a long time. The blade width and design match the filleting walleye.

The gloves are here followed by enhanced protection while you are filleting the walleye with high speed. Plus, a mesh bag gives protection to the tool while you are traveling for a long distance. These additional protections make it one of the best walleye knives for filleting.

Be happy! You can continue filleting when you catch a large walleye. This super cool filleting knife is capable of performing a challenging task for many hours. So, you can trust its qualities.

The powerful motor gives extra torque while you are filleting even harder parts of the walleye. Over gear also contributes to the torque when needed. Airflow body design gives comfort when you are working for many hours.

  • Protection enhanced by gloves and mesh bag
  • Five types of alternative blade
  • Super torque providing motor
  • Enhanced save power cord
  • You may be exposed to hazardous chemicals

8. Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife

Berkley electric fillet fishing knife blade contains stainless steel material that has high resistance against corrosion for a long time to make it economically stable. The blade is controlled by a side button which is instrumental to provide protection against the accidental cut.

Furthermore, the handle design is airflow and supportive against air friction. The handle material provides avoidance against sudden slipping during a high-speed filleting job. High gripping is special for effortless cutting with zero fatigue while filleting for a long time.

The blade of this fillet knife is flexible and durable; you can perform a high load of work with continuous speed. This specific feature makes you feel like a professional even at the start of your career.

The high-performing electric motor can bear a high load of work for a long time. The least friction against motor parts remains no chance of overheating. Because overheat can affect the performance of the electric fillet knife.

The high gear provided by the long-lasting motor can overcome the hurdles and bones of big size. These qualities make it the best knife for cleaning walleye fillet.

  • Enhanced gear providing motor
  • Increased capacity of working with high speed
  • Strong and flexible blades
  • The exposed chemical may have birth defects

9. Rapala 110V/AC Fillet Knife

Rapala 110V/AC fillet knife has a high gripping body that is comfortable for a long time with zero effort and promotes fatigue less work. The streamlined body design gives no chance of slipping when you are filleting walleye at high speed.

The blade of this tool is durable and flexible that increases the strength of the whole knife even when the task is hard. Stainless steel is best against corrosion which in turn follows the efficient work. The sharp blade can cut the bones and ribs smoothly and perfectly.

The long-lasting motor gives extraordinary torque even when the fillet knife is cutting harder parts of walleye. Plus, the increased gear of the long-lasting motor can perform a supportive role while filleting.

The power cord supplies high voltage to the knife and its length allows its approach to the whole table with greater ease. This enhanced feature makes it perfect for cleaning walleye. Many professionals prefer this special fillet knife and on a domestic level, as well.

  • Enhanced comfortable gripping body
  • Blades are corrosion free
  • Increased work efficiency due to flexible blades
  • The long-lasting motor gives additional torque
  • Cheap and affordable
  • May have issues with a cord length

10. Proctor Silex Electric Fillet Knife

Proctor Silex electric fillet knife is best for multiple purposes; hence, make its multidimensional usage. It can perform easy cutting from vegetables to beef and walleye. The stainless steel construction makes cutting easy and smooth by the courtesy of the advanced flexibility and increased durability.

Accurate control and precision are some of the best qualities of the handle; it fits perfectly on both hands with great comfortability and ease due to its linear shape. The material of the handle is non-slippery that enhances working capabilities with a heavy load of work.

The cutting is controlled by a one-touch button. Your filleting job is far from being triggered away. Just press the button and start the cutting of walleye. The overall structure is lightweight and easy to handle; you can carry it for many hours.

One more advantage is its usage as a foam cutter; this quality makes its multidirectional usage on large scale. The long-lasting motor can give enhanced output due to its heavy-duty capabilities.

The stainless steel material gives sharp cuts even on the hardest part of the walleye. These qualities make it good while performing as a walleye knife.

  • Multidimensional usage
  • Least chance of slipping
  • Over lightweight structure
  • None

11. Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister 120V electric knife is famous due to its relaxed handle design to deal with walleye. You can continue the work by high gripping handle style. The lightweight body structure protects you from unnecessary friction that may decrease its performance. You can work as a professional because of the least chance of slipping out.

The big voltage power cord is ready for giving a highly productive performance. The long cord allows its approach throughout the table. The long-lasting strong motor gives heavy work without any break. The decreased frictional effect can overcome overheating.

The stainless steel blade is too flexible to overcome all types of angles. The durability makes it a long-lasting device for all types of meat especially walleye, which gives advanced strength.

The streamlined handle design is perfect for both hands. It is comfortable and easy to carry when you have to complete the task for many hours. The body of the fillet knife is too lightweight to ensure effortless work.

Some important qualities make this fillet knife the best electric fillet knife for walleye.

  • Very lightweight design
  • Advanced and strong motor
  • Stronger high voltage power cord
  • Easy to Carry
  • Increased safety
  • Blades are not curved

Best Electric Fillet Knives for Walleye Buying Guide

The market offers multiple types of fillet knives for walleye with advanced technologies. All of them are attractive with new features. You can choose any one amongst them. But, the question is how to choose.

You have to pick one of them, not blindly but according to the need and the job. The chosen fillet knife must fulfill all the needs and work with great ease. Here are some important features; by reviewing all these you can pick the best one amongst them.


The blade must be the exact match of the type of flesh you are going to filleting. It must have sharp cutting capabilities and speed within no time. It must be stronger and durable.


The handle of the fillet knife must come with high gripping. It should be easy to manage with the least weight and zero chance of slipping. The material type of the handle must be strong with a user-friendly airflow design


The motor must be strong enough to support high voltage working capacity. Its performance should be long-lasting and professional.


The cord should be capable of managing high voltage. This feature is necessary for performing like a professional with high speed.

Alternative blades

The presence of alternative blades is necessary because both types of the blade can cover the large task with great proficiency.

Tips for Cleaning a Walleye

Some quick tips are needed to follow for flawless filleting of walleye.

  • Always put the knife pointing its blade towards the down.
  • First cut straight down to the backbone then turn it towards the tail.
  • Neglect the thin bones in the first step because we will cut them all later.
  • Put the separated part on one side.
  • Now, it is time to separate the rib cage. Put the blade at the edge of the rib cage about 1 inch in without any cut on the meat.
  • Probably the rib cage is 5 inches long so put a cut of the same length on the other side of the rib cage.
  • Now you can separate the cage out of the meat easily.
  • It’s time to separate the skin. Always hold the fish by its tail and separate the whole flesh from the skin.
  • The separated flesh contains much tiny bone, you have to separate them all before filleting.
  • You can feel a row of bones by your finger. Put them all out of the flesh.
  • Now, wash the flesh with water and it is ready to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a dishwasher to clean my blade?

No, you must not go for a dishwasher for cleaning the fillet knife because the detergents and dishwashers are abrasive and can affect the blade’s sharpness. Always go for plain water and dish soap. Use your hands with water for cleaning purposes.

2. How can I sharpen my electric knife for walleye?

You can sharpen the electric fillet knife for walleye by knife sharpener. Just separate the blades from the handle and press it on the sharpener by setting the knife curve away from you. Start moving the knife on a sharpener stone. Repeat the whole process, again and again, clean the knife and adjust it on the handle again.

3. How long can my electric fillet knife for walleye operate?

The fillet knife length for the walleye operator must be according to the average size of the walleye. By using the best match of the walleye you can perform the filleting process with your best skills.

4. Why does my blade have a color finish even if it’s stainless steel?

Generally, stainless steel loses its appearance due to its less maintenance and cleanness. There are chances of chemical reactions with stainless steel surface followed by corrosion. The color finish provides the extra layer to bypass this chemical reaction.


After writing the best electric fillet knives for walleye reviews, we came to know that the market offers many types of fillet knives for Walleye. All of them contain the best qualities for filleting purposes. But, many of them are not perfect for your filleting task.

The walleye electric fillet knife reviews provide inner knowledge but the real target is choosing the best fillet knife for walleye.

If you are a professional then go for the costly one. In my opinion, pick Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife because of its high performing and strong motor. The big voltage power cord is enough for giving powerful output. Strong and durable blades encourage fast cutting for a long time.

But for domestic usage, pick the one which is cheap and loaded with all the necessary features. You may choose Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife because of its cheap and affordable price. You can avail of strong and flexible alternative blades at a minimum price. The motor is very strong with a long power cord. The lightweight structure increases the speed with surprisingly great performance.

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