Top 10 Best Fillet Knives for Salt Water Fishes in 2021

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Have you been looking for the perfect knife to fillet those tough salt water fishes and have failed to find one? For anyone who loves to cook seafood, especially salt water fish and has been looking for the right fillet knife that brings ease yet does the tricky job without trouble, this article is the perfect place to find one.

Since salt water fishes have a (internal) small yet hard skeleton or scale, any ordinary knife would not do the job for filleting here. Filleting a fish may seem like an easy task but it is surely a tricky one. When filleting a number of fishes, your knife may end up breaking away leaving you with a broken piece of steel and big full fishes left to fillet. I am sure you would never want that. However, there’s nothing to worry about, we have done a significant amount of research to make sure you get the best and strongest fillet knife you would need to cut all the salt-water fishes you can.

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Top 10 Best fillet knives for salt water fishes Reviewed

By the end of this article, we will manage to help you figure out which salt-water fish fillet knife is the best for you as we have provided you with our top 10 suggestions. These recommendations have been chosen for you after a decent amount of research and reviews based on the main functions one may consider before purchasing a fish fillet knife. With that being said, keep reading to get the best must-have fillet knife for your kitchen.

1. KastKing Fish Fillet Knife, 9 inch Fillet Knife

The KastKing fillet knife is one of the best fillet knives you can get for saltwater fishes. Its strong blade is sharp and made of stainless steel and most importantly manages to maintain the sharp edge in cutting any kind of fish. This 9 inch long fillet knife is stiff and has a thick blade that does not break away no matter how hard the substance being cut maybe. This makes it best for the tough salt-water fish.

The KastKing has a firm grip which is slip-resistant and gives the user a perfect grip for filleting all those tough salt water fishes. Moreover, the sharp knife comes with a protective sheath that has holes to drain out water. The light weight sheath makes the knife travel friendly as well.

The best thing about the KastKing fillet knife is that it has a strong and stiff blade which is of high quality steel. This ensures any kind of cutting or filleting no matter how tough or hard the salt water fish maybe.  Hence, there is less of a possibility that the blade breaks away.

  • Flexible, curved blade ensures easy filleting
  • Long-lasting
  • Slip-resistant and highly comfortable rubber grip
  • Extremely sharp edge may become dangerous for some users

2. Morakniv Fishing Fillet Knife for Salt-water dish with Steel Blade

The Morakniv fillet fishing knife is considered as one of the best high quality fillet knives for salt water fishes. The 6 inch knife works perfectly when it comes to filleting tough salt water fishes. The knife has a strong and durable stainless steel blade with a much pointed tip for easy cutting. The blade for the Morakniv fillet knife is extraordinarily durable due to the fact that it is highly resistant to corrosion.

Moreover, it comes with a tough plastic sheath which contains clips to provide maximum safety to the user. The knife has the most suitable grip as it has a hard rubber handle to reduce the slipping effect. This ensures smooth cutting and filleting regardless of how tough and hard the fish may be.

One feature that is highly impressive in the Morakniv fish fillet knife is that the blade is corrosive resistant. This ensures that the blade stays clean and safe regardless of whether it’s left in water or an environment with extra moisture.

  • Come with a lightweight plastic sheath
  • Rust resistant
  • Provides an extraordinary grip
  • Maybe a bit small for larger fishes

3. Dexter (P94812) Fish fillet knife

If you want an affordable yet efficient knife to fillet all those tough salt water fishes, the Dexter fillet knife is what you’re looking for. The Dexter knife has a hollow stainless steel blade which is highly flexible making it easy to fillet all kinds of fish. It also helps in maintaining a stronger edge to fillet or cut tougher objects.

The knife has a handle which prevents the hand from slipping as it is made up of white polypropylene. Moreover, the tip of the knife is extraordinarily narrow and pointy so that it can reach through any bone or skeleton of the fish.

The white handle of the Dexter (P94812) manages to give extra grip to the user making any kinds of cuts or filleting easy and efficient.

  • Can easily be re-sharpened
  • Provides extra grip
  • Affordable
  • Does not come with a protective sheath

4. The Bubba Fish fillet knife (7 inch blade)

The Bubba fish fillet knife is one of a kind. The 13 inch knife comprises a 7 inch non-stick blade along with a textured red handle. The knife is best for filleting all kinds of saltwater fish due to the fact that its thin and suitable edge helps to create cuts or incisions without taking away too much of the meat.

The Bubba fillet knife for salt-water fish contains a blade that is rust-resistant and hence is quite durable not only in terms of resisting corrosion but also in terms of tolerance to pressure exerted. The knife does not break away by much pressure. The Bubba knife comes with safety guards as well.

The Bubba fish fillet knife has the best quality safety guards. The knife features two safety guards at the end of the handle in order to provide extra protection to the user. These safety guards prevent the user’s hand from slipping and hence get any kind of injury.

  • Provides maximum protection with safety guards and sheath
  • Thin tip manages to reach through narrow places between meats and scales
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Poor quality sheath

5. Mercer Millennia Saltwater fish filleting knife

If you are looking for a knife to fillet all those salt water fishes this is the right one for you. The Mercer Millennia fish fillet knife has a steel blade containing high carbon. The blade is quite durable and manages to even fit through the most congested areas of the fish. The 8 inch knife comes with a comfortable black handle that provides grip while filleting the tough fish.

The Mercer Millennia fillet knife comprises finger grip points that gives the user grip as well as comfort. Moreover, the knife has protective/safety guards to prevent accidental injuries. The knife’s blade can be easily maintained and cleaned due to the fact that it is made up of high quality Japanese steel. The blade can also be sharpened from time to time.

Since the Mercer Millennia contains a steel blade that is resistant to stains it is quite easy to keep the knife clean. Moreover, the knife is washable and can be wiped as well without leaving stains behind.

  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant blade
  • Protection through safety guards
  • Needs to be sharpened after every few uses

6. The Rapala Fish filleting knife

If you are looking for a lightweight knife to fillet all those salt-water fishes, Rapala’s fish fillet knife is the best one for you. Rapala’s fish filleting knife weighs only 0.3 pounds and is one of a kind when it comes to the design and structure of the knife. The knife is not only stylish with its varnish but also features a strong stainless steel blade which has maximum tang.

Moreover, this fish fillet knife is an all in one package and is the best for saltwater fish as it comes with a miniature sharpener that you can use at any time. The package also includes a leather sheath for safety and protection making the knife travel-friendly.

If you are looking for a knife that’s stylish and does the fillet job well, Rapala’s knife is the best salt-water fish fillet knife you could get. The knife comes in a brown/tan color along with a designed sheath that makes the knife look unique. The carved leather sheath gives the knife a vintage yet tough look.

  • Comes in a pack of 3.
  • Weighs less as compared to other such knives
  • Has full tang making filleting easier
  • Handle may be smaller for some users

7. Kershaw’s Fish Fillet knife with protective sheath (9 inch)

Kershaw’s fish fillet knife stands out when it comes to fillet knives for salt water fish. The blade of the knife is made of steel that is slightly soft as compared to other such knives. This quality allows the knife to bend and be flexible without letting the blade break away. The 9 inch fillet knife features a blade that is also resistant to rust making it long lasting.

The Kershaw’s fish fillet knife comes along with a protective sheath and a holster belt for storage purposes. The knife comes in black color with neon green work on the handle. The styrene handle is designed in a way to give maximum grip when filleting tough salt water fish as it is curved and textured.

The Kershaw fish fillet knife has the ideal blade when it comes to filleting or slicing different saltwater fishes. The knife features a soft stainless steel blade that manages to get through the fish meat with ease and without breaking away. This makes the fillet knife easy to use and long-lasting as well.

  • Long-lasting
  • Textured handle provides a strong grip
  • Comes with a sheath and belt holster providing safety
  • It maybe dull in some places of the knife

8. Electric fish fillet knife by Berkley (8 inch)

Berkley’s electric fish fillet knife is an outstanding electric fish fillet knife. The knife has an electric blade that makes it easy to fillet any kind of fish. Whether salt-water or freshwater fish, the blade can easily slice or fillet the fish. Since this is an electric knife it does not require a lot of manpower or effort by the user.

Berkley comes in an attractive combination of red and black and weighs around 2 pounds which is quite reasonable for an electric fillet knife. The knife has an 8 inch strong steel blade and has buttons on the side of it to provide safety from accidents. The knife comes with a plug and carrying case as well.

The best thing about Berkley’s fish fillet knife is that since it is powered by electricity it does not require a lot of manpower to fillet tough fish. This makes it super easy to use.

  • Comes with a protective/storage case
  • Unique color combination
  • Lightweight for an electric knife
  • The battery runs out after a few uses

9. Rapala Electric Fish fillet knife

The Rapala electric fish fillet knife does a great job when it comes to filleting sturdy salt water fishes. The knife gives off 110 volts in order to easily slice through the fish. The knife has a durable and long-lasting motor that comes with a system which prevents heat accumulation. Rapala’s electric fillet knife consists of a stiff handle that helps the user maintain a better grip.

This electric knife weighs around 4 pounds as it is made of heavy duty steel. The knife is manufactured in the USA and is considered as one of the best quality fish fillet knives for salt water fishes.

Rapala’s electric fish fillet knife comes with an out-standing built-in system. This system prevents heat accumulation, preventing the entire electronics from heating up and hence making it long-lasting.

  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Firm grip
  • May get a little heavy for some users

10. Proctor Fish fillet knife

Proctor’s fish fillet knife features a serrated stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to slice through anything. The knife is powered by electricity and has a diverse handle that can fit in absolutely any hand offering the same precision in filleting. The knife consists of one button which has to be pressed to start the electric knife which makes it user-friendly.

The Proctor fish fillet knife for saltwater fishes is durable yet light in weight making it the perfect choice when it comes to fish filleting knives.

The best feature of Proctor’s electric fish fillet knife is that it has one of the best-serrated blades. Having such a blade makes the knife ideal for saltwater fish since they are comparatively tougher fishes.

  • Serrated blade makes slicing easy
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy mechanism
  • Handle may be heavy for some users

How to Fillet Saltwater fishes?

Filleting salt-water fishes may not be tougher than it may seem if you have everything you need available. A fillet knife, knife sharpener, chopping board, and plenty of clean water would do the job. Although every specific breed may have a different filleting process, a general method has been explained for you.

·         You must lay the fish on your chopping board making sure the tail points upwards towards you.

·         Next, using an ordinary or fish fillet knife make cuts or slits (vertically) on the fish.

·          Keeping the blade of the fillet knife tilted or flat remove the first two fillets of the bone of the fish.

·         Repeat the process after turning the side of the fish and you will now have 4 fillets ready.

·         For each fillet, make cuts in a way that the bone remains behind having little or no meat being wasted.

How to safely sharpen fish fillet knives once they get dull?

When sharpening a fillet knife, it is very important to make sure that the angle in which you sharpen the knife is right as it can cause injuries. Usually a fish fillet knife can be sharpened quite well using a stone or rod by just rubbing its tip or edge against the stone/rod sharpener. However, the angle must be away from the user’s hand. Moreover, electric sharpeners can also be used to sharpen your fillet knife. These are much quicker and easier yet make your knife as sharp as anything.

Best Fillet Knives For Salt Water Fishes – Buying Guide

When buying a fish fillet knife for saltwater fishes the following factors should be considered in order to choose the best fillet knife for you

Size (Blade length)

The size of the blade for the fillet knife is a significant factor that one must consider before purchasing a fish fillet knife. The ideal size for a fillet knife for salt water fishes is around 4-6 inches. Salt water fishes are longer fishes and hence they need long flexible blades as well.


Fish fillet knives are usually used while travelling and hence there is a possibility for the knife to be used in saltwater. Hence, while choosing a fish fillet knife especially for salt water fishes, it is advisable to make sure the blade is resistant to rust. Moreover, it is preferable that the blade is made up of stainless steel having a high carbon content so that the knife is strong enough to withstand pressure.


The thinner the blade, the more easily it can fit through any narrow places of the tough scales of a saltwater fish ensuring precision. Moreover, the sharp tip or edge of the knife ensures easy slicing or filleting hence making the entire process much easier.

Handle grip

Having a handle that provides a firm grip is quite important when it comes to filleting salt water fish as the grip ensures making proper fillets. The best material for a handle would be plastic since it provides maximum grip and is easy to clean as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What knife can I use to fillet fish?

A knife that is strong enough to withstand pressure when jabbed into a tough scale would be perfect for fish filleting. Moreover, a narrow and sharp edged knife helps making slicing and filleting the easiest job ever.

What is the most appropriate size for a fish fillet knife for saltwater fishes?

For salt water fishes, the most appropriate size for a fillet knife would be around 6 inches. A 6 inch knife is ideal for filleting saltwater fish due to the fact that these fishes are tough and have hard scales or skins hence a 6 inch knife can easily get through the hard thick skins without breaking away.

What factors do I keep in mind when choosing a fillet knife?

When choosing a fish fillet knife one must check the material, size, weight, tang, grip, rust resistance and price of the fillet knife.

Are bubba blades worth the hype?

Bubba blades are known as one of the best blades for fish filleting. The blade is made up of one piece of carbon which makes the blade very strong. In terms of strength, if you are looking for a long-lasting and efficient blade, this one is definitely your go-to blade. It is resistant to rust and has an outstanding grip handle however it is slightly expensive.

Can a fish fillet become dull if used to cut paper?

A fish fillet knife can get dull if used to cut paper as most papers have other recycled materials in its making.


When choosing a fish fillet knife for saltwater fishes, it may seem tough and confusing. However, after going through our article we hope you are now able to find the best fish fillet knife for you.



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