Best Fillet Knives for Tuna Fish in 2021

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Tuna fish always makes the best meal of any time a day but preparing them undeniably can consume your immense efforts, money, and time.

After all these hassles, cutting them with a dull or worn-out fillet knife that cannot even chunk it down into perfect small pieces makes all your work worthless.

Having the right knife can do wonders in cooking, especially when it’s the best fillet knife for tuna fish. They can not only slice tuna smoothly like a sizzling butter bar and make the best in-depth cuts for better spice marination but are also ideal for carrying anywhere.

No matter if you’ve just started doing kitchen experiments or an experienced chef; the desire to get the best filet knives for cutting stubborn thick layered tuna remains the same. Therefore, here we have listed the 10 best fillet knives for tuna that will make your cooking game super easy and interesting without worrying about its sharpness for efficient tuna cutting.

All of our recommended knives are tried and tested over hundreds of tunas and have given remarkable results whenever served on the table. 

Invest your few bucks in this must-to-have kitchen accessory and make the best out of it for as many tunas as you want to gulp.

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Best fillet knives for tuna fish Reviewed

1. Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch Boning Knife

Sharpness is surely the very first thing when you look for a fillet knife to cut your beloved tuna and this Mercer 6-inch boning knife masters in this area. Mercer’s culinary products never fail to top the list of best kitchens cutlery and their knives are the most exclusive products in their expertise. 

For a safe, tight, and easy-grip, the knife’s handle is particularly constructed with santoprene and polypropylene that also resists maximum heat.  So, whether you need to chop out your tuna on a beach or cook a tuna feast with burning stoves; this 6-inch sharp blade in the knife will make it your perfect ‘get the job done’ friend in every scenario.

No matter if it’s your first-time tuna cutting experience or you’re a pro in it; the taper ground edge offers additional stability, comfort for a secure balance and a non-slip grip on the knives.

Mercer guarantees its resistance from any kind of damage, rust, corrosion, discoloration that proves the exceptional remarks on its efficiency, easy-honing, and long-life. All of these features of the Mercer Culinary knife convinced us to add to our list of best fillet knives for cutting tuna.

  • Santoprene handles
  • Taper ground edge
  • Stainless steel blades
  • High resistance
  • Single blade available

2. Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Fillet Knife

With a 5-star rating, incredible feedback, and remarkable results every time on work; Mercer feels pride in calling out this product as their top-rated tuna filleting knife. Its high carbon steel construction speaks volumes about its premium-quality, excellent worth, and durability with your every use.

They are specially built to cater to all your easy to harsh use and can also work as a sharp, edgy pointer when you need to check the cooking status of your tuna or turkey. Also known as a forged fillet knife, it comes in most favorite culinary essentials of Mercer’s culinary experts and cooking enthusiasts.

To give it a unique look, this fillet knife has a rounded spine shape design that offers an easy, comfortable grip and can cater to the pressure exerted on the knife. Moreover, the high-resistance German steel also gives it extra strength, sharpness, and ability to withstand high temperature or harsh environmental factors without losing its shine.

  • Sharp, edgy points
  • Forged shape
  • Comfortable grip
  • Single blade

3. Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife

Dexter is well-known for the additional features they offer with their culinary products. With their versatile kitchen accessories, they touch the heart of every cooking enthusiast. Such as this Dexter Russel fillet knife; this 7-inch-long knife has a super lightweight body that makes it easy for an expert to ‘play safe with your knife’.

The 7-inch length makes it ideal for cutting small fishes that are covered with an extra hard shell protecting. Its sharp pointed blade with a neat, sleek look can give the best in-depth cuts while filleting and boning your tuna; this is what makes it the best tuna filleting knife. Dexter Russel fillet knife gives an exceptional performance with its quality plastic handle that can be held with slippery and oily hands too while cooking.

However, it has a comparatively narrow blade that might give a rare look but actually helps in exerting less brute force while cutting tuna or other fish. This knife is all that you need to make those boring cuttings, chopping into the most favorite part of cooking.

  • 7-inch long
  • Lightweight body
  • Plastic handle
  • No sheath

4. Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet

If you really need a knife that could attract some eyes and outstand in kitchen equipment; then this Rapal4 soft grip fillet knife is for you.

Its famous and sleek 7.5-inch stainless steel blade with an eye-catch black sheath is surely worth praising calling it the stylish tuna filleting knife. Despite not having the curve like other knives, it still is the safest option to look for when you have a huge fish to the bone, cut, slice, and cook.

From tough salmons to soft onions; the knife is an expert in taking care of all heavy-duty to light-duty cutting. It has a small gap in between the blade and bolsters to offer a strong grip and high resistance. Although, it has a plastic body that also works well if you hold it through slippery hands or forget your knife keeping in water. The high-quality plastic won’t let it rust, damage, or make it look worn out in any case.

When it comes to grip, the Rapala soft grip fillet knife offers a high degree of comfort and stability while holding, turning, or doing any desired trick with your knife.  Altogether, there’s no better knife than this Rapala tuna filleting knife at such a cheap price for long-use.

  • Soft and easy grip
  • 7.5 inch long
  • Quality Steel blade
  • Cheap price
  • No bolster

5. Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife

What can be better than having two blade lengths of the same quality with no extra cost? Morakniv comfort filleting knife always goes an extra mile forth to offer ease and comfort through its products.

This Morakniv filleting knife with its two sharp and edgy stainless steel blade lengths works ideal in cleaning, peeling, cutting, chopping, boning, and whatnot. Overall, it does all and even more than what an ordinary knife is expected to.

It also has a shortened bolster in case you get a cut by mishandling or get furious in risk-handling situations. With a wide range of various color options and stain-fewer steel designs; the Morakniv fishing fillet knife is the best knife for filleting tuna at this affordable price. The two 3.5 inch and 6.1-inch blades help in perfectly filleting larger tunas and or do light cuttings.

With the addition of a black plastic sheath and black clips, it makes cleanliness easy and doesn’t catch bad odors from tuna. Its unique high friction handle helps in easy grasping and makes smooth, quick, clear cuts.

However, it has a comparatively shortened bolster that may not fit in larger hands but is very flexible and comfortable generally. At last, it also comes with a protective covering to make it accessible for you to carry anywhere conveniently.

  • Two blades
  • Shortened bolster
  • Variety of color
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard grip

6. Rapala Fish N Fillet Knife

It would not be wrong to mark this tuna filleting knife as the most artistic, unique, and classy on this list. From its outer look to its incredible performance, Rapala has put all its 50 years of experience and creativity into this product. They are perfect for home to restaurant use and can be used over a variety of tunas, salmons, fishes, rabbits, etc.

It takes the credit of being your ‘the one perfect filleting knife’ by its perfect amount of flex and strength to scrape as many tough skins you want. Moreover, it doesn’t need any additional sharpener as sharp Swedish steel blades can do the job for you.

Being called the best filleting knives for tuna; it doesn’t leave any room open from damages, rusting’s, worn-out look. It perfectly seals the deal by ensuring both the user safety and stylish look of this best tuna filleting knife.

Whether you need to de-skin your tuna or de-bone it completely, even that stubborn spine, Rapala Fish N Fillet uses its thick sharp edges and gives the best results with all types and sizes of tuna.

  • Artistic design
  • All-rounder functions
  • Extra flex and strength
  • Swedish steel blades
  • Limited size available

7. Rhinoreto Fish fillet knife

Having an extra high-quality double-sided safe sharpener is surely a bonus with this knife. The eye-catchy combination of black and blue color makes it really captivating.

The feature that makes this knife be recognized as the best filleting knife for tuna is its non-stick coating that doesn’t absorb bad odor, easy to clean, and also works pretty well while cleaning the tuna from inside.

It has a rare rubber handle that excels in quality and sufficiently versatile to offer a good grip. As long as the sharpness is concerned, its 6.5-inch-long black stainless-steel blade is perfect for filleting tuna of all small to large sizes. Plus, it has an exceptional tapper, edgy points, and high-end sharpness for proper, in-depth boning and filleting of tuna.

The vented, lightweight sheath reduces weight and makes it perfect to carry on all your fishing adventures by covering it by the sheath. The durable design and bold color are absolutely something that sets this fillet knife apart and makes its way to our list of 10 best fillet knives for tuna. 

  • Double-side sharpener
  • Classy black and blue color
  • Non-stick coating
  • Rubber handle
  • A bit pricey

8. Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

The reason for adding this electric fillet knife for cutting tuna is the demand of passionate fishers for a professional, extremely sharp, and highly functional fillet knife that never reduces in effectiveness. The blood-red color and stainless-steel blade with a dual-riveted design can ensure you an expert, quick and smooth operation and easy cleaning when the work is done.

The perfect assortment of its sharp blades makes it the top choice of everyone and worth investing your bucks into an electric tuna filleting knife. With its 2 lithium-ion LED batteries for maximum functioning and no glitches in between; Bubba cordless electric fillet knife becomes the first essential when you need to prepare your tuna without any defect.

To ensure your safety while carrying, they have made the blades removable and attached a strong secure case to keep the blades when not in use.This also saves it from corrosion, rusting, discoloration even on working in rough environments.

To offer you convenient use, the electric tuna filleting knife engineered ventilation has been made to maximize motor transmission output giving you an incredible amount of torque.

  • Dual-riveted design
  • Engineered ventilation
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • Protective case
  • Expensive

9. KastKing Fillet Knife 9 Inch

Kastking has been serving in the market for more than 50 years with manufacturing some extremely incredible knives of all-time. They are experts in building professional filleting knives utilizing only-premium quality composition. Its sharp razored stainless-steel blades with a beautiful touch of black and red perfectly trigger to use it on your every meat.

To make the filleting easy and interesting, it follows natural contours for perfect fillets making it ideal for all thick to thin slices. It perfectly keeps up its edge and high-end performance both in fresh and saltwater use.

The three different 6, 7, and 9-inch steel curved blades do professional-level filleting, boning, and deep cleaning of your tuna. Kastking fillet knives have a remarkable history of strong, easy grip that will not come out of your hands no matter what.

The over-all construction has just the balanced quantity of carbon, chromium, and vanadium to ease chefs in doing all boning and cutting effectively. Lastly, to keep you safe before, during, and after filleting of your tuna, the protective sheath is dry, comfortable, water-resistance, and can work amazingly with keeping up the shine maximum.

  • 3 blade sizes
  • Curve blade shape
  • Chromium, carbon construction
  • Dry, water-resistance
  • No sheath

10. DPNAO Filleting Knife 

The look of this DPNAO filleting knife is surely a treat to the eye. Its sharp, sleek silhouette can intrigue anyone trying this knife or at least once in a lifetime. It is perfectly designed for tuna lovers who have packed schedules and can’t dedicate so much time to prepping their tuna.

Thus, the fillet knife makes the job speedy, smart, and impeccable; this exceptional knife is equipped with special sharp razor blades.

The generous company also surprises you with a special sharpener to relieve you from the regular sharpening service of your knife. Whether you’re eyeing a giant marine tuna or a small croaker; this knife composes of 3 different, flexible, and sharp blade sizes for giving you the best results every time.

The protective and locked scabbard ensures safety, prevention, and comfort while you try your favorite cutting tries on tuna. Moreover, the broad rubber sheath can easily fit into every hand and requires less attention, force during boning or filleting your tuna.

This best tuna filleting knife for DPNAO is the perfect replacement for all your outdated, bland knives that you’ve been trying to get rid of for ages. Whether you’ve just hunted a tuna or want to slice up your deep-refrigerated tuna for dinner; This filleting knife should be your ultimate approach to cut robust bones, separate the toughest skin and fillet the tune like a cooking pro.

  • Sharp razor blades
  • Special sharpener attached
  • 3 blade sizes
  • Locked scabbard
  • Hard to clean

Best Fillet Knives for Tuna Buying Guide

Are you thinking about buying a fillet knife for tuna fish? Don’t worry! Here we will discuss all the features that are necessary for a good tuna filleting knife. You must have sufficient knowledge and insight before buying. The selected knife must have the following features discussed below.

Sharp blade

The blade must be strong and sharp. The sharpness and the strength depend on the material used in the blade. In most cases, the blade is composed of stainless steel that comes with strong properties.

Length of the blade

The length of the blade must be according to the tuna fish. It must be matched with all the operations like flitting, slicing, cutting, and separating bones.


The flexibility of the blade is one of the important features. It decides the scope of the knife. If the scope is high you can use it for many functions.

Alternative blades

The tuna knife must have an alternative blade followed by various functions performed by the single knife. This quality can improve the usage on large scale.

Handle material

Handle material also gives scope to the tuna filleting knife. The handle material must be non-slipping and strong. In most cases, it comes with advanced material.

Handle structure

The handle structure must match the grip of either hand. It must be comfortable and relaxing for many hours. This unique feature may enhance its usage on a professional scale.


Importance must be given to the shape of the knife. The shape must be airflow, thin and frictionless followed by breathless work.

Compatibility to the professionals

The tuna knife which you are selecting must meet all needs that are necessary for professionals. For example, it must be comfortable, all in one, and should have all the necessary qualities.

Task management

The tuna knife must be capable of managing a large quantity of work. You can say that you must manage the task of many people with this single tuna knife. A fast tuna knife will be helpful in time-saving and money-saving.


The weight of the tuna knife shares a good percentage to the performance. If you will choose a lightweight knife definitely your work will be simple and fast.


This is another important factor that helps in performing fatigue less working. In other words, the width must match the grip. If the width will not match the grip, you may suffer from fatigue or slipping of the knife from your hands.


The curved blade has some additional function in the cleaning process of tuna fish. This blade style is more helpful in cleaning as compared to the non-curved blade shape. Therefore curved shaped blade must be considered first.

Storage bag

The tuna knife must come with beautiful packing followed by full security. Therefore, you can carry it along with your luggage without any risk of injury or damage. Plus, a security bag is necessary for the security of knives.

So, by considering the above features you may succeed in buying a perfect and useful knife for tuna.


Q: What blade length is the best?

A blade length that works best for a giant-sized bluefin tuna might give poor results on a trout fish or small-sized yellowfin tuna. Therefore, there’s no one blade length that can cater to the needs of every fish because of the skin toughness, size, length, and thickness of the body. However, larger blades with a length of 6-10 inches are preferable for filleting a wide range of tunas.

Q: How often should I sharpen my knife?

Fillet knives are known to lose their sharpness on excessive use or when treated very harshly in a rough condition. The ideal time-period according to which you should sharpen your fillet knife depends on the blade material, frequency, and type of use. Stainless steel knives as mentioned in our list have a comparatively very long sharp life and might require honing after 6-8 months. Whereas, carbon and other material blades may require regular sharpening before every use.

Q: Do I need a special filleting knife for tuna?

Normally, you may use an ordinary knife for cutting basic fruits, vegetables, chicken in your cooking but tuna fish has comparatively had a hard, thick, and rough skin that’s hard to fillet with a knife. The best filleting knife for tuna can make a lot of difference and make your filleting super easy, convenient with its specialized functions.

Q: Can I use a dishwasher here?

Using a dishwasher for your fillet knives can damage the knife’s construction and make it look dull, worn-out. They are extremely abrasive and use high temperatures that may affect the sensitive parts like the blade, handle, and sheath of your fillet knife. Also, the detergents used in a dishwasher are of extremely low-quality and absorbs all the moisture from the knife. Hence, it’s always a safe and affordable option to hand-wash your fillet knives whenever needed. 

Q: How can I hone the blade?

Honing a blade is a lot easier than it sounds. For that, you would need a piece of steel rod to rub your knife by the edges. The process should be done on any flat surface to get safe from any possible cuts. Make sure you apply a balanced amount of pressure from heel to tip and repeat the process a few times. Choose a straight direction for honing and then check the tip of the knife by trying any sort of cutting. This will help your knife survive the longest time with sharpness retained.


Last but surely not least, I genuinely hope you’ve got the right fit of the best filleting knife for cutting tuna. Filleting tuna is an exceptional art and it cannot be done perfectly without the right equipment such as a tuna filleting knife. Besides, I tried to add the most purchased, top-rated and knives with exceptional reviews to make your work easy in getting the right tuna filleting knife. You can look for other knives for different purposes for a tuna, you should only consider using a sharp filleting knife as we’ve listed in our round-up.

All of the mentioned knives are present on Amazon with accurate prices that you may check by clicking on the link. Make sure you keep the knives covered or protected once the work is done and keep it out of the children’s reach. In case of any injury from the knives, reach out to medical help as all of them have the sharpest blade that can harm your tissue and are hard to get treated.  


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