11 Best Electric Fillet Knives for Catfish in 2021

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Filleting the catfish demands a special type of fillet knife with a unique blade and sharpness. No doubt, filleting can be done with various knives, but the cut would not be as precise as done by electric fillet knives that are specifically made for catfish.

These specialized fillet knives have curved and very sharp blades with flexible textures. The main aim behind this construction is to provide a clear cut while separating the meat from the bone. The typical home users might not take this fact into consideration, but professionals can never ignore this feature.

In addition to manual catfish knives, the market also produces electric knives to ensure effortless and fast filleting procedures. In this topic, we would focus only on the best electric fillet knives for catfish to save your time and cost.

We have done precise observation and research to introduce you to the top 11 best electric fillet knives for catfish in the market.

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Best electric Fillet Knives for Catfish Reviewed

All the products on our list have good quality and sturdy texture with good flexibility. These are simple to use for worry-less filleting

1. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife

Here comes the first product of our choice with much advancement in technology. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife comes with an advanced airflow shape that helps in cutting without any effort.

The body of the knife is too friendly to be gripped by the user even if you are not professional. While gripping the body you will feel it is relaxed and frictionless, that makes the cutting speed fast.

Now talk about the blade that is composed of stainless steel making it strong and sharp. An advanced type of plastic is used in handle manufacturing. Thus texture makes the body relaxing and non-slipping.

The long-lasting motor is an emerging feature of the electric fillet knife because of integrated advanced technology. Plus, the motor is quiet and powerful which allows effortless cutting of catfish. The cord of the motor is 18 feet long that allows the knife to be used multidirectional.

Work of various types could be done by the availability of alternative blades. In short, Rapala Deluxe is one of the perfect electric fillet knives for catfish.

  • The long cord attached with motor
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Sharp blade
  • Relaxing grip
  • Do not perfectly clean the rib cage portion

2. Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

Bubba Li-Ion Cordless electric fillet knife is lightweight that allows easy and smooth movement. The handle of the Bubba Li-Ion cordless electric fillet knife is 8.5cm long which offers a strong and comfortable grip.

The material which is used in constructing the handle is non-slippery; therefore, you can use it on any surface. Plus, the trigger guard enhances the secured usage and convenient control.

The sharpness and durability of the blade are increased by the Tin coating on stainless steel. This profile ensures easy and fast cutting within no time.

Don’t worry about cleaning! Removable blades have made the cleaning process easy and fast.

One most important thing is the safe and secured packing of cleaning catfish fillets because they come in zipped cover. Traveling with Bubba Li-Ion electric fillet knives is not a problem; you may carry them on picnics or fishing purposes.

These unique features make it the best electric fillet knife for catfish.

  • Sharp and coated blade
  • Blade is removable
  • Storage is secured due to zipped cover
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t have variable speed

3. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler PRO knife comes with double torque; therefore it can manage a big bone very effectively. The design and drive train components of this knife give a longer life span.

The advanced airflow design allows smooth cutting to the harder parts of the catfish. You can continue filleting for many hours without trying out. This feature makes it a number one choice of professionals and fishermen.

Be happy! The compatible handle allows alternate blades fixing in slots according to the task, making it all in one fillet knife.

The blade composition is stainless steel that gives strength and frictionless movement on a hard surface. Plus, the lightweight material also takes its part to offer effortless movement.

The above properties give it a professional style in cleaning catfish fillet. In my recommendation, the American Angler PRO knife is best for all the functions like flitting, cutting, and slicing, etc.

Furthermore, the motor of the fillet knife is powerful and long-lasting which enhances the demand among professionals.

  • Sharp and frictionless
  • Easy to carry and grasping
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Have not seen it yet

4. Smith’s 51233Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife

The list of the best electric fillet knives for catfish includes Lawaia electric fillet knife with easy usage and safe storage.

Evil sharp stainless steel blade gives a flexible and strong shape, while the other one is a flex blade. Both these blades are removable. This feature gets functional due to its unique and compatible handle.

A 6 cm long cord makes its usage too easy. Besides, handling the blade is comfortable and relaxing that allows effortless work.

Furthermore, the motor is powerful and strong, allowing continuous work for many hours. An additional good thing is gloves that prevent injury during cutting.

All the parts of the knife come in a beautiful storage bag hence, it has enhanced security while restoring. So, it could be presented as a gift for fishermen or professionals. All these features make it an advanced knife for filleting catfish.

  • Beautiful storage bag
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Blades are removable and sharp
  • Have not seen it yet

5. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy-Duty blade performs fillet catfish with an electric knife smoothly. It performs with double speed and gains three times the power supply by a heavy motor. Plus, the body of the knife is composed of advanced plastic material.

Here comes the blade description which is composed of stainless steel with a curved and sharp cutting style. There are reciprocal blades, each one has a specific cutting style and both ensure safe and secured cutting

Smooth and effortless cutting strength overcomes every hurdle even the fish with the bigger size is easy to cut with. You can deal with bones, ribs, meat, and skin more easily and perfectly.

The airflow design is sufficient for keeping the motor smooth and powerful. The gripping on the handle provides no chance of fatigue or tiring. You can continue the work for a long time.

The powerful cord is here for supplying great energy for cutting and fitting all types of materials like bones and ribs.

All the properties mentioned above are enough for making it the best filleting knife for catfish. These features have made the demands high on the professional scale.

  • Heavy-duty powerful motor
  • Reciprocal blades increase work efficiency
  • Airflow design provides frictionless task
  • Storage packing not seen

6. American Angler Electric Fillet Knife

The powerful motor and curved stainless steel material allow easy and perfect filleting. American angler knife is considered amongst best the electric fillet knives for catfish also known as the best cordless electric fillet knife. The blades are too sharp to overcome any type of hindrance.

Be happy! Advanced technology is used in motors for providing power and energy for cutting and flitting.

Don’t worry about the design. The weightless design makes it easy to manage. You can feel a strong grip on the handle so the chance of slipping vanishes.

The advanced composition of the knife overall forms a long-lasting cutting tool for catfish.

The handle is compatible with different sized blades that are an alternate form of each other. One is a shark blade and the other one is a curved blade; both have different functions to be performed. Therefore, you can do many functions with a single knife.

This airflow design with relaxing technology is preferred by many professionals because they complete the task within no time.

If you are willing to buy this unique styled knife you need no perfection at all. Just buy and use it because the design is user-friendly.

  • Sharp blades allow smooth cutting
  • Easy usage and management
  • No chance of slipping
  • Have not seen it yet

7. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

This is one of the best electric fillet knives for catfish and comes with many prominent features. One of them is non-conductive handle material. This specific handle material allows no entry of current; as a result, there is no chance of heating.

The amazing power of the motor makes it a durable knife. The alternative blade is much stronger and flexible; they allow different tasks to be performed for a long time. Plus, the power cord enhances the durability of the knife.

Be happy! You can change the speed of the knife according to the requirement therefore it can perform multiple tasks. All these features make it the best tool for cutting catfish on a professional level.

Motor strength is the main thing that attracts many professionals and fishermen.

The operating system requires no professional skills because of simple construction. You can use it without any difficulty.

The easy flow design makes you feel like a professional hence make it amongst the best electric fillet knives for catfish.

  • Easy usage with simple construction
  • User-friendly
  • Frictionless blades perform smooth slicing
  • Safety bag is not included in the package

8. Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife

Berkley electric fillet knife comes with corrosion-free blades due to the unique material used in it. Stainless steel gives it strength and flexibility during cutting and flitting. The working capability of the knife is enhanced due to the flexibility of the blades.

Different shapes of the blade are offered that encourage different tasks.

One important thing is the side button which prevents accidental cutting. It has 110 standard plugs, battery clips, and a carrying case that has a secured style of packing which prevents any type of accidental cut.

The body design is airflow that makes a frictionless and smooth movement. The handle of the knife is easy to carry ensuring perfect gripping. Easy management system makes it famous among professionals and domestic users as well.

Furthermore, the handle material is advanced which makes it resistant to heat and current. The design is compatible with hand grip so there is no chance of slipping from hand. This feature makes it best amongst the electric fillet knives for catfish.

  • Two types of alternate blades
  • Handle is resistant to heat and current
  • Frictionless movement of blades
  • The battery may not charge perfectly

9. Rapala110V/AC Fillet Knife

Rapala 110V/AC fillet knife the best electric fillet knife for catfish. The handle is composed of high-quality plastic material. A strong heat resistance prevents your hand from an accidental burn. Plus, it also gives protection against current due to resistance against it.

Blade of the catfish knife has a flexible and strong composition of stainless steel. The advanced technology makes the blade sharp and frictionless. Even the strongest bone cannot lessen the working capability of the blade.

Be happy! The technical style of the handle makes the cutting and flitting easy and effortless. You can continue the work for many hours because of the airflow style.

Furthermore, the motor is long-lasting and powerful, giving your work a professional touch, even if you a beginner. An 18 feet long cord transfers energy to the motor making work easy and comfortable.

Gripping on the filleting knife is relaxing, so many professionals prefer this floating fillet knife for all the capabilities.

  • Powerful motor
  • Unique design with high gripping
  • Sharp blades for frictionless work
  • Safety bag not included

10. Proctor Silex Electric Fillet Knife

Proctor Silex electric fillet knife is perfect for all types of work even slicing beef, tomatoes, and vegetables. The sharp blade is composed of stainless steel to provide greater control, even on the harder surface.

Plus, the control is given by the handle as well, which makes the cutting perfect and smooth. The gripping power is high to suit either hand that makes the cutting effortless.

The operating system is easily controlled by the button. It is an easy and safe system, Just push one button and your knife is ready for cutting.

One good thing is the lightweight design making it a perfect knife even if you have to handle a large quantity of meat. You can continue the task for a long time hence it is a perfect catfish knife.

Amazingly, this catfish knife could be used as a foam cutter. This knife is providing multi-task enhancing its demand on a large scale.

All the components of the catfish knife are durable making it a long-lasting tool for cutting and flitting.

Proctor Silex Electric Fillet Knife comes among the best electric fillet knives for catfish due to its multi-directional usage.

  • Long-lasting machine
  • Strong and curved blade
  • Easy to control
  • Have not seen it yet

11. Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister 120V electric knife has a better capacity for cutting and flitting because of its 50% cutting torque and heavy-duty motor.

The blades are strong with stainless steel that provides smooth cutting with greater control over the tasks. Its best airflow style completes the work within no time. The hand design is user-friendly; don’t allow you to tire out.

Heavy-duty gear is supplied with a powerful electric cord that supplies electric current for daily work. The plastic material of the handle has unique technology that gives no chance of effort and slipping.

Plus, it has a quality for convenient removal of alternative blades. Each blade has its design for cutting and dealing with different materials.

The twister action of the blades gives additional power of cutting, cleaning, and flitting as compared to the other catfish knives.

The above features make it amongst the best electric fillet knives for catfish and multi-directional tools. So, it is the best cordless electric fillet knife in every aspect.

  • Allows multipurpose usage
  • Easy to control over cutting
  • Best gripping capacity
  • There is no safety bag

Best Electric Fillet Knives for Catfish Buying guide

A strong insight is needed for every user that wants to purchase a good knife. This guide would have a great impact on your job because by reading this you will decide what kind of catfish knife you are going to buy. Before buying a good knife you must consider the following points.


You must estimate the sharpness of the catfish knife. If you will choose a good knife with enough sharpness, then it will prevent you from tiring out. Your work will be on time.


The handle must not be slippery. It must be resistant to heat and current. Plus, the design must be relaxing and effortless.

 In short, the handle should be convenient on every side. The best choice makes the work easy and fast.


You have to choose the design that faces less friction and effort. The more the design is convenient the easy and fast work will be.

Alternate blades

Blades must be enabled to alternate with each other to cover tasks on large scale. The handle case must match all the additional blades.


One must consider the flexibility of the blade. Flexibility enhances the working capability of the blade professionally.


The motor must be long-lasting with a full capacity of heavy work. It should have the capacity of non-stop working for many hours.


 The wire of the motor must be long and powerful so you continue the task easily and perfectly.


 The grip on the handle must be relaxing and strong so the chance of slipping and tiring does not find any place. 

Storage bag

 All the components must come with a storage bag. The storage bag enlarges the scope and usage. It brings easiness and comfort when you go for a trip. Plus, a storage bag gives security from any injury.


 The catfish knife you choose for daily work must-have additional accessories. These enhance the value on a large scale.

Final verdict

Best electric fillet knives for catfish have been reviewed with the most prominent features. After writing this post, we conclude that the market is filled with manual and electric knives for filleting catfish. But, electric knives are efficient to use.

It is worth it to invest in useful knives according to the type of fish you need to deal with. A vast list of knives with various blade styles and textures has made the selection a bit confusing for this whole range of fish. But, we are assured you would find the accurate knife for catfish after reading this article.

We recommend you to get the Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife. It comes with integrated twisted for additional power and very easy to use.

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