What is a Bowie knife Used For?

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Do you know about the structure of the bowie knife? This knife has a different composition as compared to others.
At first look, it seems like a little sword. It is a unique knife with a different structure and the same function.

The blades have a tough and wide structure for dealing with hard tasks. The handle of the knife is strong and wide for giving powerful manufacturing.

Don’t worry about the tough look, it is comfortable to deal with it. The structure is lightweight and comfortable even for beginners.

Types of blades

These knives come in two types of blades. One is curved toward the tip while the other has a clip blade. Both structures are common in markets.

Old fashioned knives have clip-shaped shapes. On the other hand, modern knives have straight and serrated shapes both on each side. This makes its usage multidirectional.

Types of handle

There are two types of handles offered by bowie knives. One type of handle has a double hilt that gives protection against the heavy and sharp blade. This handle is made from a horn.

The other type of handle is made of wood or any other sturdy material. These handles are highly capable of rough usage. These are modern handles.

Types of the protective sheath

The protective sheath comes with different composition. It may be a leather sheet or may have a synthetic structure. The old fashioned knives may come with a leather sheath. The latest is covered with a strong synthetic plastic cover.

Usage of Bowie knife

Now it’s time to tell you about the usage.

  • You can use it as a hunting tool in many cases. It is the best tool for camping purposes as well.
  • The other important use is as a woodcutter when you have a fantastic bonfire or have some plan about cooking during the trip. It helps make thin sheets of wood which are good for starting the fire.
  • Tang is the place where the blade and handle meets. It allows more force for cutting harder and bigger woods.
  • The bigger hilts protect the user’s hand from the tough blade.
  • This knife comes on top of the list amongst the best knives. It helps in skinning and cleaning as well by its larger surface.
  • It is the best tool when you have to cut boning parts. The heavy blade can pass the harder bones easily and apart from them into many pieces.
  • In the case of cleaning, it is the best tool when separating skin, bones, and fat from the meat.
  • As a survival tool, it is the best weapon as a protection against danger.
  • Not only woods, but it could also be used on many other surfaces. It can also be used as a professional knife for making handmade boats.
  • Based on different edges on the blade, you can use it as a tool for multipurpose tasks.
  • You can search history about its usage as a defense tool against animal and human attacks as well.
  • You can use the bowie knife as a defense tool but one must go under proper training. By the protective usage, one can avoid the harm and danger by its tough blade.

How to maintain a bowie knife?

Just like other knives, this knife also needs to be maintained on time. This could protect you from injury and harm.

  • Always suitably sharp the knife before its usage.
  • Use a wider whetstone for sharpening purposes. In this way, you can sharpen the wider blade with increased satisfaction.
  • If the bowie knife is bigger and heavier then you can keep this in good condition with the help of an expert. You can go to the professional knife sharpening area of your market.
  • If you are not using it, keep the Bowie knife in the protective sheath which is usually made of leather or synthetic.
  • You can use a care guide if you are a professional. By using the guide you will be able to overcome the major difficulty.

Bowie Knife Buying guide

Before buying a Bowie knife first go for its proper usage. You must be aware of the structure and strength of this knife. I am telling you some points that would help buy a perfect bowie knife according to your need.


The handle must be strong and wide for overcoming harder bone structures. The stronger handle protects the hand from sudden injury or shock.


The blade of the handle must be very wide and tough. The harder structure of the blade is necessary for cutting the hard meat and bones as well.


The handle must be comfortable and graspable in the fitting of the hand. 

Protective sheath

The bowie knife must have a protective sheath when you have to store it. This gives protection against sudden cuts and danger.

Non Slippery material

The handle material must be non-slippery. The slippery surface may cause serious damages. The heavy blades are the main factor of causing high damage.

Blade composition

The blade structure must be corrosion-free and must be highly resistant to rust. The edge must be sharp for easy cutting.


The weight of the knife must be less. Less weight helps complete the task with greater speed.


Coming to the end of what is a bowie knife used for explains the finding for the whole discussion. This discussion has a major impact on the selection procedure. You can use it as a hunter tool. The most unique use is as a weapon.

This knife is different from all other knives. By structure and by the function it is unique and usable.

Many types of knives are introduced in the market. All are useful and come with a long-lasting hose that is capable of fulfilling your multidirectional tasks.

Always take care of the cleaning of the blade. But the cleaning requires high skills. Always get the help of professionals in case of any difficulty or defect because of heavy and tough structural composition.


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