Top 10 Best Fillet Knives for Trout in 2021

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Trout fishes may have been one of the most famous species of the fish world.

But getting the perfect fillets out of them may only seem as an easy task when you have the right fillet knife. You may be worried when it comes to purchasing a new knife again.

However, there is nothing to worry about, for we have done all the significant research for you to choose the best quality fish fillet knife for all those trout fishes stacked in your freezer.

Below we have listed the 10 best recommended trout fish fillet knives that you can consider when purchasing one.

Our research is based upon all the important factors that you may consider when buying a fillet knife for trout fishes so stay relaxed, you may surely decide the best trout fish fillet knife by the end of this article.

Top 10 Best Fillet Knives for Trout Reviewed

1. KastKing Trout Fillet knife (7 inch)

If you are looking for a durable yet efficient fillet knife to help you slice all those trout fishes, KastKing’s fillet knife is definitely a go-to knife for you.

The black German made sharp blade manages to easily slice through both saltwater and freshwater trout fishes.

KastKing’s fillet knife is an ideal slicing knife for trout fishes as it can manage to fillet almost any size of fish without causing the user any difficulty.

The knife comprises a non-slip grip handle made of polymer which enables maximum comfort to the user.

KastKing’s knife also comes with a safety sheath that is quite light in weight. This sheath locks to the handle and easily removes when it’s not needed. The sheath has holes which act as a drain to remove water.

The KastKing fillet knife for trout fishes has one of the best quality blades. The blade is curved and has a thin narrow edge making it most suitable for filleting fishes without having difficulty.

The edge of the knife manages to fit through scales making slicing efficient without wastage.

  • Works for almost any size of trout fish
  • Comes with a protective sheath providing safety
  • Curved blade structure reduces wastage of meat
  • May get dull a bit earlier

2. Bubba’s Tapered trout fish fillet knife (9 inch)

The Bubba tapered trout fillet knife is one sharp bladed beast you would love to have.

The knife features a super thin edged curved blade for effortless slicing and filleting as the knife manages to cut the trout fish precisely.

Not just this but the blade is highly resistant to corrosion making the knife perfect for a one time purchase.

The Bubba tapered knife comes with a red textured handle which gives the user grip and flexibility to make filleting the easiest job. Moreover, the knife comes with an extra protective sheath and safety guards to prevent any kind of accidents.

The best thing about Bubba’s tapered fillet knife for trout fish is that the handle of the knife consists of a hole making it travel friendly. The knife does not even need to be kept in the hand as it can easily be looped to the belt of the user.

  • Lightweight
  • Rust resistant
  • Travel friendly
  • Does not work well for big fishes

3. KastKing Spartacus fillet knife for trout fishes (7 inch)

The white Spartacus fillet knife from KastKing is one of the best fillet knives for both saltwater and freshwater trout fishes.

With an extra sharp and narrow tip high carbon content stainless steel blade, the knife helps in precise cutting and slicing with minimal wastage of meat.

The blade stands out also because of the high chromite content and ceramic coating that makes it extra resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

KastKing’s Spartacus fillet knife for trout fishes consists of a perfect polymer handle which provides maximum grip and safety through high safety guards to the user.

Moreover, this handle is resistant to high temperatures just like the blade. 

KastKing’s Spartacus for filleting trout fishes is best known for the advanced material used in its making.

Both; the sharp blade and the textured handle are designed in a way to withstand high temperatures and rays making it the most suitable fillet knife for any environment or condition.

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Provides maximum protection through sheath and safety guards
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Sheath may be loose on the knife

4. Calamus fish fillet and bait knife

If you need a sharp razor knife to slice all those trout fishes the Calamus fish fillet knife is one of the best you could get.

The knife is 9 inch long and features a flexible blue stainless steel German blade with a long pointed edge making it suitable to fillet almost any kind of fish like flounder, halibut, salmon, panfish, etc,.

The blade features a beautiful blue finish which helps the blade stay clean and resistant to rust.

The knife consists of a blue-black rubber handle to ensure a stiff grip to prevent the hand from slipping.

Each Calamus knife comes with a nylon protective sheath to make it travel friendly and safe.

The sheath contains long hole like structures to drain out excess water after washing to prevent any possibility of corrosion.

The best quality of the Calamus fish fillet knife is the rubber handle. The handle does not only provide maximum grip and comfort but is also 40% lighter as compared to all such fish fillet knives.

This makes the knife stand out for sure making it even more suitable for filleting all those tough trout fishes.

  • Beautiful unique design
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Long edge makes precise filleting easy
  • It may get dull after a few uses

5. Plusinno fish fillet knife

Plusinno’s fish fillet knife is one of a kind when it comes to a durable fillet knife that enables easy slicing.

The knife consists of a premium quality black stainless steel blade which can cut the hardest of substance.

The knife is coated with a black substance to not only make the knife presentable but to also make it resistant to rust and dirt.

The knife has a striking blue handle which is made up of polymer and provides the user with a stiff grip and maximum comfort in filleting or separating the meat from the bone.

The handle works perfectly in both wet and dry conditions making it ideal for filleting trout fishes.

The Plussino knife also consists of a hard plastic sheath for protection.

The best feature of Plusinno’s fish fillet knife for trout fishes is the blue versatile polymer handle.

The handle works best in all conditions and ensures grip without letting the user’s hand slip off making it the perfect deal.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Gives maximum comfort and grip
  • Ideal in all conditions
  • A bit overpriced

6. Rhinoreto’s flexible fish fillet knife

If you think you need an all in one package kit to fillet all those tough trout fishes or give a fish lover the ideal gift, Rhinoreto’s fish fillet knife is your perfect go-to.

The blue and black sharp tip beauty comes with a knife sharpener and protective sheath providing you with all you could need without compromising on its functions.

The knife consists of an extra-ordinary non-stick curved blade to ensure easy and clean slicing or filleting.

The Rhinoreto’s flexible fillet knife has one of the strongest yet most comfortable handles.

The thick rubber handle is designed to provide the user with an ultimate grip and comfort without causing the hand to slip.

The sheath design also contributes to the knife’s purpose as it is light in weight and drains out excess water.

The best thing a fish fillet knife could offer would definitely be a complementary knife sharpener and if it’s a dual sided sharpener, the deal is a must have.

Rhinoreto’s fish fillet knife offers a great knife sharpener making the user highly satisfied when sharpening the knife before each use.

  • Comes in a package of 3 making it the perfect gift
  • Non-stick blade makes filleting easy
  • Comfortable usage
  • None

7. American Angler Professional Electric fish fillet knife

The American Angler Professional fish fillet knife is considered as one of the best electric fish fillet knives for trout fishes.

The heavy duty motor manages to provide two times more power to the knife making it easy to slice any kind of fish.

When looking at the blade of the knife, it is certainly a straight sharp stainless steel beast having a serrated edge.

American Angler’s electric fillet knife contains an impressive advanced mechanism making it suitable for filleting the toughest trout fishes without a problem.

The entire electric airflow mechanism has been designed in a way that enables the user to fillet for hours without heat buildup making it highly efficient.

One quality every user would love about American Angler’s electric fish fillet knife would be the 2 year limited lifetime warranty.

Moreover, the lifetime customer care service gives users ease for any problem they may have.

  • The electric mechanism requires no man power
  • Manages to cut hard bones with no difficulty
  • 2 year long warranty
  • The handle may get hot at times

8. Bubba Li-Ion Electric Fish fillet knife (Cordless)

Bubba’s Li-Ion cordless electric fish fillet knife is one light weight electric knife that is highly efficient in its job.

The knife has no wires attached and instead works on two chargeable ion batteries.

The knife comes in a kit of three tools; a charging cord, a case and the knife itself. The blade of the knife is highly sharp and is coated in tin steel to prevent rust.

The cordless electric knife is one of a kind due to the fact that it contains a flexible yet controllable handle which ensures the perfect grip to fillet all those trout fishes.

The handle also features an LED light to indicate low power and keep the filleting away from all possible hurdles.

Moreover, safety guards on the handle also give the user more protection against any accidents that may occur.

Bubba Li-Ion’s electric fish fillet knife is the easiest when it comes to cleaning and storing.

The blades of the knife can easily be removed from the handle to ensure proper cleaning. The blades can then be kept in the separate case provided.

  • A rechargeable battery makes it long-lasting
  • Removable blades make cleaning easy
  • The handle provides maximum grip
  • Takes time to adjust to the knife

9. Rapala Electric Fish fillet knife (Black-grey)

Rapala’s electric fish fillet knife is one fast and strong electric knife.

The black-grey knife works 2 times faster as compared to any other fish fillet knife in the market and hence makes filleting trout fishes a fun and quick process.

The 7.5 inch blade is made up of high quality stainless steel that manages to cut through any hard substance including bones and scales.

The Rapala electric fish fillet knife features a heavy duty motor that provides 110 volt power.

The long-lasting motor is attached to an 8 feet long wire to enable the user to take maximum space required.

The entire mechanism of the electric knife is backed by an advanced airflow system keeping the machinery cool at all times.

Rapala’s electric fish fillet knife has one of the best handles when it comes to an electric fillet knife.

This knife offers the most comfortable and stress free handle which keeps the user’s hand in ease in filleting as many fish as one could.

  • Durable and long-lasting mechanism
  • Works two times faster as compared to other electric knives
  • The long blade makes it easy to fillet any size trout fish
  • Mechanism may get heated up

10. Mister Twister fish fillet electric knife

The Mister Twister electric fish fillet knife is not only one attractive neon fish fillet knife but features a 120 volt high power motor that helps make filleting an effortless task.

The electric fillet knife comes in a bright yellow green color with a long blade that is locked through safety guards.

The knife is attached to a spiral wire for power and hence offers the user with maximum flexibility while working.

The Mister Twister weighs only around 1.4 pounds making it quite light in weight for an electric fish fillet knife.

The knife contains a stiff plastic handle that provides grip and has a button to release the blade when clicked. 

The knife comes with a warranty of a year as well making it a good deal.

The knife features a power supply of about 120 volts giving the knife extra power to fillet almost any kind of tough saltwater or freshwater trout fish.

  • Attractive neon design
  • Provides extra protection through safety guards
  • Light in weight
  • None

Best Fish Fillet Knives for Trout – Ultimate Buying Guide

When buying a fish fillet knife for trout fishes the following factors should be considered in order to choose the best fillet knife for you.


The most important factor one must consider when purchasing a fillet knife for trout fishes is the material of the knife.

Since trout fishes can be both from salt water and fresh water it is advisable that the knife’s blade is resistant to corrosion.

Moreover, a high quality stainless steel blade ensures the durability of the knife making it last longer.

Length and Size

Since trout fishes are found in both freshwater and saltwater, they tend to be of different sizes. A fillet knife from 4 to 8 inches can work however the ideal length would be 6 to 7 inches long.

Handle Grip

A factor that cannot be missed when purchasing a fish fillet knife is the grip that the handle offers.

The handle of a fish fillet knife (be it an electric or manual one) must provide the user with maximum grip without allowing the hand to slip.

The best handle material for a fish fillet knife is rubber or simply any textured material creating enough friction to prevent the hand from slipping.

However, a plastic handle is easier to clean.


The fish fillet knife must be light in weight in order to make the filleting task easy.

A heavy knife may tire the user only after filleting a few fishes making the job tougher than it actually is.

Tip (Sharp pointed edge)

The narrower and pointy the tip of the knife, the more efficient will it be.

When filleting a trout fish, separating the meat from the scale/fish bone may be a difficult job and hence may even waste a lot of meat.

Having a narrow and pointed tip of the fillet knife makes it easy to make precise cuts reducing wastage.

Power Supply (volt)

When considering an electric fish fillet knife, it is very important to look up the power the knife offers.

An ideal electric fish fillet knife may offer 110-130 volts power.

Insider Advice

With having a huge amount of choice for fish fillet knives in the market, it surely might be a tough task to find the right knife to fillet trout fishes in specific.

However, we hope our article managed to help you decide the perfect trot fish fillet knife for your kitchen.


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