Best Chef Knives Under $100

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Are you tired of dealing with bad knives? It sure is more than a pain to work with them, and if you are one of those who are looking for a way out, then this is exactly the article you want to keep reading. In this article, we bring you the best chef knives under 100 dollars.

Finding durable kitchen knives these days is the hardest job, and most people end up wasting their money on buying low-quality knives. So, what if we told you that we have come up with a solution and we won’t let you make the mistake that others have.

We have searched the web for the most durable, sharp and truly the best value chef knife products so that you don’t have to worry about your daily knife problems any more. After going through these products, we are sure you will already have made your decision about which one of these best cooking knives you would like to buy.

Best Chef Knives Under $100

1. J.A. Henckels International Classic 10-Inch Chef’s Knife

A sharply forged knife from J.A. Henckels, this knife is pretty long and is known best for its durability. The knife comes in three different variants; each one is as durable as the other. Which makes it the best kitchen knife as compared to others offering two or no variants with zero durability.

It has a specially designed handle to help you get a perfect grip over your knife. The handle also adds to the weight of the knife to help in cutting. It is specially made in Spain to perfectly fit the knife. The weight of the knife is 13.8 ounces. It is specifically designed for kitchen and dining purposes.


  • As mentioned, the knife comes in three different variants. A short 6 inches variant, a medium-size 8 inches variant, and also in a long size of about 10 inches. The three variants, together make up the best budget kitchen knife combo.
  • The overall knife dimensions are 3.4 x 3.3 inches in width and height, and the length may vary from 13-19 inches, depending on the variant you are going for.
  • The knife is a forged one, which is much better than the normal stamped type. And its hot drop forged, With a blade from Germany, this makes it the best professional chef knife among many products out there.
  •  It is also made from stainless carbon steel, so you don’t have to worry about getting your blade rusty.
  • It supports a triple rivet which attaches the handle to the blade at three different points.
  • The knife also supports a bolster to increase the durability and strength of the blade.
  • It also features a full tang, which runs throughout the length of its handle for increasing the amount of force that the knife can withstand.
  • Three length variantsHigh-quality bladeLight-weighted
  • No protection covers.

2. Global 8″ Chef’s Knife

A lightweight knife from the global company. It also offers a custom engraved variant, so you know that your knife will work exactly the way you want it to. This makes it an affordable kitchen knife and truly the best starter chef knife.

The 20cm knife is perfectly balanced, and it is made in such a way that it is comfortable to hold at the same time. The knife is delivered in a secure package, and its handle has grooves to increase the holding grip so you can keep using it safely, without harming yourself.


  • The knife is made of a vanadium blade, that is completely stainless, and you don’t have to worry about getting rust on your knife.
  • The knife is durable and retains its sharpness for a long period of time. Its blade is made of high-quality material to help you get your kitchen activities going.
  • It also offers a lifetime warranty to ensure its customers that buying the product is safe, and its excellent performance is guaranteed.
  • It has a weight of about 7.8 ounces, which is very less, as compared to other knives in the same price range. Which also makes this, the best kitchen knife for home use.
  • Its shiny and full metal body design makes this knife convenient for use in live party cooking stations and self-serving occasions.
  • No bolster or rivet support, the handle is made of the same metal as the blade and is attached to it. This is by far, the most iconic feature amongst all the knives on this list.
  • Light WeightStainless SteelLasting Sharpness
  • No heat-protective insulation

3. Victorinox 10 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife

A classic knife from Victorinox featuring four different variants in terms of length. It features a standard plastic insulating handle which is designed to hold on to the blade perfectly.

The knife has a 5 inches, a 6 inches and two 10 inches variants, with one variant having special grooves for helping professional chefs at work. And the other three variants to achieve different kitchen tasks. This makes it the best chef knife for home cooking. It features a sharp tempered blade, which retains its sharpness.

So, you can perform almost any task, without having to worry about damaging your blade.


  • It is an all-purpose knife, which means that it can be used for almost all types of work like slicing, chopping and all kinds of cutting.
  • It offers a special variant designed specifically for professional chefs, to make their work a whole lot easier.
  • The knife is designed under the supervision of talented chefs which helps ensure a quality and durable product.
  • The Knife is also perfectly balanced and feels great to hold.
  • It has a 10 inches variant to help complete work on a larger scale, like cutting big fruits, watermelons, pineapples etc.
  • The knife is made from a slip-free material and is relatively easy to clean.
  • The weight of the knife is around 8.8 ounces, but it can vary from model to model.
  • More than three variantsChef madeIncredibly sharp
  • Handle too small

4. Shun Sora Chef’s Knife

A Japanese style knife from the company Shun, which comes in two different size variations, one variant being a 6-inch cutter whereas the other variant is an 8 inches blade for achieving tasks on a larger scale. The Knife is specifically handcrafted and imported from Japan to help chefs with their day to day tasks.

The blade is made from a stainless-steel alloy and is designed in such a way that it is lightweight, and sharp at the same time. This truly is the best knife for chopping vegetables, as well as working with meat. Which makes it the best beginner chef knife.


The knife has dimensions of 0.81 inches in width and 2 inches in height. The length varies from 12-14 inches, which depends on the model you are choosing.

The knife is coated with a stain-resistant alloy so you can work in any environment without the risk of your knife getting rusty.

It has a handcrafted, and a hand-sharpened blade, which has been sharpened at a dual 16 degrees, which makes it the best knife for kitchen use.

Its handle is made by traditional Japanese chefs in a Japanese design to give a professional look to your home kitchen.

It has a weight of about 6.6 ounces, which makes it very lightweight as compared to other knives in the same category.

  • Japanese chef madeStainless alloyDesigned for kitchen use
  • Stamped

5. Wüsthof Cook’s Knife

Another blade from WÜSTHOF company featuring a professional build and a quality design. The knife’s handle is of high-quality design and made from a strong material. It also feels comfortable to hold at the same time. The knife comes in over five different length and type variations. The variations are from 6 inches to 10 inches, with two variations in each length size.

This knife is the best affordable chef knife you can find online and is great for day to day kitchen tasks. 

The knife features a perfect balance and quality sharpness to overcome almost any test that it is put through.


  • The knife is forged by experts with precise measurements to provide the best results in the kitchen.
  • The handle is attached to the blade at three different spots to increase the grip and strength of the blade.
  • The knife is made with the PEtec technology, which means that it will be durable and extremely sharp at the same time.
  • A strong bolster is provided with the product which adds to its strength and thus, makes it more balanced and durable.
  • The knife is designed to give a professional look to your workplace and be as sharp and effective at the same time.
  • The knife has a weight of approximately 7 ounces, but it can be different depending on the model you are buying.
  • Over five variationsForged typeMulti-purpose
  • Bolster not provided in some models

6. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

A classic kitchen knife from Zeolite, featuring seven different models, each for different purposes in the kitchen. Zelite offers these knives at an affordable price, which adds them to our list of the best cheap knives that you can find online. The lengths of these knives vary from only 4.5 inches to 10 inches so you can either get yourself the best knife set. Or you can get the variation that you need the most.


  • The knives are easy to get used to and are designed in such a way, that the risks of getting a cut are close to none.
  • Its 8-inch variation is probably the best cooking knife in the entire knife set.
  • The handle is attached to the knife at three different points to increase the amount of force that the knife can handle.
  • The knife also comes with a strong bolster. Add that to its triple-rivet protection, and you get a strong kitchen knife.
  • The blade of the knife is specially carved and forged by experts in japan to help chefs get the sharpness that they are looking for.
  • The Zelite Infinity comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure the quality and sharpness of its product to the customers.
  • The dimensions of the knife are 0.94 inches in width, 1.81 inches in height, and the length varies from 10.1 inches to 15.6 inches, depending on the variation.
  • Extremely sharp and durableJapanese experts madeOver seven variations
  • No protective sheath

7. DALSTRONG Chef Knife

A great knife from Dalstrong featuring six variants. And an outstanding quality, these knives are one of the best cheap kitchen knives you can find online. These knives are forged with extreme precision at a sharpness of a dual 16 degrees. They are made tall to help with mincing, and chopping etc.

The blade is perfectly designed to give a shiny look and make your kitchen environment look professional. Furthermore, the blade is tempered to increase its strength and chrome plated to avoid getting rust.


  • Its handle is designed to provide a perfect grip to the hands, and they are made from high-quality wood. The blade provides a full tang that runs throughout the handle.
  • The knife handle features a triple rivet to increase the knife’s strength and durability.
  • The knife also provides a strong bolster which, added to the other protection, pretty much makes this knife unbreakable.
  • The knife is perfectly polished to make its cleaning a whole lot easier.
  • The knife also comes with a protective sheath so you can be safe from the sharp blade.
  • The knife has six-length variations that range from 6 inches to 10 inches in length. So, you can purchase the one that best matches your daily needs.
  • The blade is forged from a high carbon German steel to increase its durability and strength.
  • The weight of the knife is around 9.2 ounces, but it can be different depending on the length variation you are going for.
  • 16 degree sharpenedGerman steel madeMultiple variations
  • The grip is not as tight

8. Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

A standard steel knife from Mac Mighty, featuring a pakkawood handle and an 8-inch razor-sharp blade. This knife is one of the best inexpensive kitchen knives that are sold online. The knife features a steel blade with special grooves to slice through vegetables with ease.

This Knife is specially made for home use and for use in amateur kitchens. If you are looking for the best cheap chef knife, then this knife is exactly what you are looking for. It has all the qualities of a professional knife and is relatively cheaper at the same time.


  • It features a thin and strong bolster to provide strength and a professional look to the knife and your cooking environment.
  • The knife is made in japan which assures the customers that buying this product is no waste.
  • The knife has dimensions of about 10 inches length, 1-inch width and 1-inch height.
  • The knife is beautifully polished. But it has to be hand-washed. Dishwashing is not safe with this knife.
  • The Knife also supports a triple rivet like most professional chef knives to increase its strength and the amount of force it can withstand.
  • It also supports a full tang that runs entirely through the handle’s length.
  • Mac Mighty also offers other models of this knife, so you can pick the one that you find the most appealing.
  • Japanese expert madeStrong bolsterFull tang
  • Only hand wash recommended

9. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Another knife from Victorinox that features over five different length variants. This knife is comparatively cheaper than the other Victorinox knives, which makes it the best budget knife from Victorinox.

This knife is specially designed for home chefs, but it has all the amazing features that a professional knife has. It has a handle that is specially designed to provide a comfortable fit in hand. The knife also provides a perfect balance and durability at the same time.


  • It has an extremely sharp blade that comes in six different sizes. Its smaller variants are ideal for chopping vegetables, and the larger ones are best for working with meat.
  • The blade sizes vary from 5 inches to 10 inches depending on the variant you are buying.
  • It has a swiss knife type carving which adds to its ergonomic build.
  • The blade also features a greater height which is ideal for mincing and chopping.
  • The blade is also dishwasher safe, which means you can wash it by hand or in a dishwasher without having to worry about any risks.
  • Its handle is made from plastic, but its strength is no greater than that of the wood handles.
  • The knife can easily overcome all kinds of tasks, whether performed by a home cook, or a professional kitchen cook.
  • The knife has a relatively smaller tang and provides the user with no bolster.
  • The knife also does not support any rivets, which can be explained by such a low price range.
  • Overall, the knife has a performance, as good as any other professional knife, which is pretty surprising.
  • Extremely sharpMultiple variationsDishwasher safe
  • No rivet or bolster

10. Sky Light 8-inch Chef Knife

A classic 8-inch knife from SkyLight stores, that features a high carbon German steel. It is a forged knife, which means that it can support all kinds of tasks performed by chefs or home cooks. The knife is processed and tested in every manner possible to provide its customers with the best cutting experience.

The carbon blade of the knife is sharpened at a dual 15-degree angle to increase its sharpness and durability. The same can be said for its handle, which is designed ergonomically and made to fit perfectly in hand.


  • As mentioned, it features different variants in both sizes so, you can pick the one that best suits your choice.
  • One of the 8-inch models features Damascus steel, which is very good for a knife in this price range. This makes the Skylight, the best Damascus chef knife that you will find online.
  • The dimensions of the knife are 1.4 inches in length and about 2 inches in height, but the length varies from 11.9 inches to 14 inches depending on the variant.
  • The approximate weight of the knife is about 10 ounces, but it can differ from model to model.
  • It also features a full tang throughout the handle.
  • It also has a triple rivet to increase the strength and durability of the knife.
  • One of the 7-inch models has a greater height which makes it convenient for mincing, chopping etc. The other two 7-inch variants have grooves to help chop straight through vegetables and meat.
  • Razor-sharpMultiple lengths and design variationsTriple rivet with bolster
  • No sheath provided

Best Chef Knives Under $100 Buying Guide

So, before you buy any chef knives, there are some things which you must consider.

The reason is simple. There are many knives out there in the market. Each of these knives show features far better than the other, even in terms of design, the knife looks good. However, when you use it or buy it, you come to know that it’s not at all great, and it fails to deliver the necessary features.

Keep in mind that a chef knife is like a dance partner. It differs from person to person. The knife that suits you does not mean it will suit everyone else. It’s all a matter of personal preferences, and there is no knife which is better than the other. It depends on you.

Here are a few things that you must consider before you buy the best chef’s knives.


The design of the chef’s knife you are about to buy matters a lot. A knife should not just look great. It should also feel great. This means that you should get a knife which looks appealing. One that makes you want to chop things finely. One that looks good in the kitchen or as a perfect gift if it is something you are giving to someone.


Durability is something that greatly matters when it comes to a chef’s knife. Obviously, you need something which can do heavy tasks altogether. You also need something which can go a long way without having to have any issues. Chef’s work for a long time and may even cut vigorously. Before buying a chef’s knife, do look at how fat that knife can go.

Not only should the knife be durable, but it should also be long-lasting. The blade of the should also be made of such material which goes a long way.

Blade Length

The length of a blade matters greatly when considering buying a chef’s knife. The reason is the fact that it is actually the length of the blade that determines how well the knife cuts. The overall performance of a knife greatly depends upon the length of its blade and how well it suits you. Do consider that before buying a chef’s knife. The blade’s length should at least be upto 7 inches.

Blade Material

Again, the material of the blade is also one of the underlying factors that contribute to a good knife.

There are many blade materials, two of the most common among these are stainless steel and copper steel. Both stainless steel and copper steel has its benefits and its shortcomings.

Blades made with copper steel are long-lasting and very good, but they can get sharp very quickly. The blade is also prone to scratching and needs to be sharpened from time to time. Maintenance of this blade is also very important because it can catch rust quite easily. You also need to keep it clean and away from any moisture once you’re done. A proper container for this material is needed for longevity.

The stainless-steel blade is one that does not catch any rust. This blade does not need high maintenance to be kept in good condition. They are easy to clean and do not need much sharpening every now and then. The catch, however, is that the blade is not as durable as that of the carbon steel chef’s knife.


The way you hold a knife is your grip. The tighter and the better the grip on the knife and the handle, the better you will be able to take care of things and finely chop things. Remember that grip differs from person to person and you need to pick a knife with a handle which ensures the maximum grip. A good grip can make your chef’s knife, your favourite.

When looking for a knife, look at the handle of the knife and its design, see if the handle is in a shape that ensures a suitable grip. Then go for purchasing the knife.

Handle Material

The material of the handle is also something that you need to consider when looking for a good knife. A good knife is the one which has a good and comfortable handle material.

 There are different handle materials for a chef’s knife. Most of them are wooden and synthetic. Choose the one that you think is better for you.


The sharpness of a knife is the topmost factor to consider when buying a knife. Make sure the knife you buy is very sharp and can carry out even the hardest forms of cuttings with ease, without you having to make the extra effort.

A sharp chef’s knife can easily cut simple things like coriander to even the hardest things like pineapple shells.

How Often The Chef Knife Needs Sharpening

When looking for the best chef’s knife, you need to look into a knife that requires low maintenance because most of the time, you will be using it.

Sharpening a knife every now and then can get way too frustrating. For this reason, you need a knife that needs to be sharpened only sometimes. Knives that need sharpening every now and then can be very hectic and may allow you to end up frustrated.

Weight & Balance

The weight of a chef’s knife greatly matters when looking for one. You need a knife which is very light in weight. In fact, the lighter a knife, the easier it is to cut with it. For this reason, look for a lightweight chef’s knife when you consider buying one.

In the same way, a knife needs to have a good balance between its blade and handle to perform in the most efficient way. You might need to look out for a knife with a good balance as well.

So, these are some of the things that you MUST consider before you wish to purchase a good chef’s knife. It is very important that a knife has at least some of these features if not all.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article, and it helped you in finding the exact product that you were looking for. It is our main goal to be engaging with our visitors and fulfil their demands.

We realize how hard it can be to find the right product in such a great diversity, which is why we like to do the hard work once so that others won’t have to.

 As a final recommendation from the above list, the knives from skylight are the most diverse and provide the best quality and professionally designed products at a much lower price. Even though these knives are relatively cheaper, they provide you with all the features that are provided by expensive and professionally designed knives.


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