Best Chef Knives for Small Hands

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Are you facing trouble finding the best kitchen knife for small hands? Good for you because you just managed to make it to the right place.

Believe it or not, a chef is only as good as the knife he or she holds. Take any sport; an athlete would never be able to perform as well as he should if he doesn’t have the right equipment despite his talent and skill-set.

Frankly, we don’t need to tell you that same’s the case in the kitchen. No matter how sharp cutting skills you have, it’ll be hard for you to achieve the finesse you crave without the right kind of knife. Also check our detailed guide on best chef knives under $100.

People come in different shapes and sizes; well, so do knives. Let’s admit how hard and tedious it can get for small-handed chefs to play around with bigger knives.

Now, obviously, having small hands isn’t your fault, but you have to make sure you stick to the knives well suited for your hands because your efficiency and comfort depend on it. Your knife can either make things easier for you or just kill the enthusiasm right away.

You might have noticed that despite excellent quality knives in the market, unfortunately, not all of them are chef knives for smaller hands; annoying isn’t it?

But hey! You’d be surprised to see some of the best chef knives for small hands we’ve listed down below. Trust us! When we say this, they’ll blow your mind right away.

Before getting down to business, just know that every single one of the knives belongs to the culinary world’s leading brands. And all of them have the perfect 6-8 inches blade length that’s specifically made to fit perfectly in your small hands.

Saving your time, let’s cut to the chase. I’ve listed 9 of the highly famous, high-quality, and high-performance knives engineered explicitly for smaller hands.

Plus, you will get a detailed buying guide that will not only be informative but will also help you get to a speedy conclusion.

Best Chef Knives for Small Hands Reviews

1. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Best Overall Knife for Small Hands

Dalstrong, a highly reputed brand, rocks the culinary world with yet another chef knife, i.e., the 7-inch Shogun series –good news for culinary experts.

When it comes to presentation packaging, nobody does a better job than Dalstrong, but obviously, that’s not a good enough reason to buy this knife. So let’s get right into it.

What makes this knife so special? Well, we’d say a chef knife for small hands has the extremely sharp AUS-10V Japanese super steel cutting core with 62+ Rockwell hardness beating its competitors having an average of 52+.

This 62+ Rockwell hardness makes possible exceptional edge retention, phenomenal strength, and long-lasting durability. Now isn’t that just great!

If you think this knife can’t handle the heat, then we’re afraid you’re wrong. More controllable than larger knives and narrower than its shorter counterparts, this knife sails through any culinary challenge with virtually no effort, and it’s no surprise at all.

This knife qualifies as one of the best chef knives for small hands. It has a generously-sized heel, which will come in handy if you have small hands as it’ll prevent your knuckles from touching the board.

The handle provides superior control for small-handed chefs, and the 7-inch blade size is just perfect for playing with and maneuvering for small-handed chefs.

The 67-layered Hc stainless steel blade is well curved for the rock chopping technique. Its moderate blade length makes it multi-purpose and highly versatile for chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing with less effort.

Enough about the blade; let’s talk about the handle. It’s a 10/10 ergonomic G-10 handle with an engraved end cap, and honestly, its comfort level, agility, and control are unrivaled and worth the money.

The non-bulky but firm grip handle makes it a perfect chef knife for tiny hands. Also, it comes with a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Still not convinced?

  • Super-thin bladeReasonable weight for small handsRemarkable edge retention and hardness
  • Food sticks in the engravings

2. Global 6” Chef’s Knife – Unique Design Knife for Small Hands

Global knives have sensational designs. I mean, there isn’t a single knife out there that has such a uniquely beautiful and professional design as this knife has.

But that’s not the only reason this knife rules, so let’s get to it.

Japanese have small hands. It’s a No-brainer that Japanese knives are engineered for small hands.

Global 6” takes the lead in this regard with a hollow sand-filled handle and lightweight steel. It has no heavy bolster.

The handle is pretty thin and small, so it’s comfortable to hold –deserving to be on the list of the best chef knives for small hands.

The Global 6-inch chef knife is, perhaps unsurprisingly, engineered for small-handed chefs because of its compact size of just 9.75 inches in length. Now, this makes it easier for small-handed chefs to make quick maneuvers easily.

This knife may not have a G-10 handle, but one thing’s for sure; the dotted handle will help you hold on to the knife way better, making it one of the best Japanese kitchen knives.

An interesting fact! It has a unique Cromova 18 stainless steel throughout the length. This steel has Vanadium, Molybdenum, and 18% Chromium, the element resisting corrosion and rusting. 15% of Cr is the right amount, so 18% is excellent!

Still in doubt? How about the fact that Global knives retain their edges like no other brand; you heard it right. Moreover, this knife has a decent Rockwell Hardness score of 56 to 58+.

With an ultra-sharp 12.5-degree edge angle on both sides, go ahead and kill the fatigue right-away with this reasonably priced, premium quality, and compact-sized knife.

  • Maintenance is minimalIt’s impressively well-balancedFeatures a hygienic design
  • Heel size could’ve been bigger

3. Mercer Culinary Genesis –Cost Friendly Chef Knife for Small Hands

If you’re a beginner, frankly, invest in a knife that gives you a premium feel and is wallet-friendly at the same time. Mercer Culinary Genesis’s small chef knife is exceptional in this regard. It’s worth every penny.

It has a full-tang construction with a 6-inch HC German Stainless steel blade, and a Santoprene handle getting right to its specs.

The bolster provides superior balance, and it features a taper-ground edge for added stability. Sounds good, right?

The knife’s maneuverability is a key factor in making one of the best chef knives for beginners. Let me explain if you’re wondering how.

The knife has a perfect balance system; 6” blade length is optimal. It has a non-bulky, small width handle that is comfortable to hold, high friction gripping, and a well-sized heel. All these things are essential for a knife to be suitable for small-handed chefs.

This professional chef knife is sharp right out of the box and proves its worth as soon as it comes into action.

This NSF-certified knife has been designed for versatility. It’s an all-rounder on the cutting board for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, chicken, or meat.

The Santoprene handle addition is a smart move because, quite simply, the grip that it provides makes things super easy and under control.

The bottom line is that the Mercer Genesis chef knives come in 6”, 8”, 9”, and 10”. The 6-inch version has been built explicitly for expert small-handed chefs and amateurs in the culinary world.

Upgrade your knife collection with Mercer 6”, one of the exceptional chef knife for smaller hands. It’ll surely provide you an enhanced level of comfort at an unbelievably low cost for its quality and specs.

  • Sharpening the knife is easyMulti-purposeTemperature resistant
  • Limited warranty

4. Wusthof 4182 Santoku knife – Thinner Blade Chef Knife for Small Hands

You don’t realize the benefits of the right cutlery until you own some. Now, the Wusthof Santoku knife is way better than the average chef knife in the market for many reasons; let’s get to them.

Exceptionally lightweight, perfectly balanced with a 5-inch blade, it makes this knife extremely easy to cut through, making it stand firmly amongst the best chef knives for small hands.

You’d be surprised with the Precision Edge Technology, which yields a thinner blade and a greater edge retention.

However, there is one problem as it’s a Santoku knife; its cutting edge is less curved, making the rock chopping technique a little challenging. But wait, this knife is still very time-saving and consistent. It has enough to give you.

Let’s get to its razor-sharp blade. It’s an alloy blade tempered to 58⁰ Rockwell, now that’s hard and durable.

The handle design is modern, made of a synthetic material Polyoxymethylene. Don’t know what that is? There’s no need to because the only thing you should know is that this material resists fading and discoloration.

If comfort and safety are your priority, the excellent length, the small size of the handle, and full bolster have you covered. 

Wusthof Santoku is one of the most professional chef knives because of its smart blade design. It has a 10-degree cutting edge with vertical indentations on the blade, which smartly reduces friction and drag.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

  • Blade dimples prevent food from stickingThe knife size is optimalVery ergonomic
  • It feels a little too light

5. Shun Classic Chef Knife – Best All-Rounder Knife for Small Hands

Shun brings another all-purpose chef’s knife, only in a smaller size that is easily controllable and makes the meal prep even easier than before.

This knife is truly a blessing for every small-handed chef because of its optimal length. Now don’t get the point wrong; this knife is only smaller, not weaker, because it has the same VG-Max Blade steel.

Like any other Shun’s knife, this handcrafted Japanese knife shows absolutely no mercy to any food item. One maneuver, and you’ll realize that it’s among the best chef knives for tiny hands.

Shun giving a 6” blade is pretty smart as it makes the knife perfect for small and big hands equally.

The PakkaWood handle of this knife is awe-inspiring. This wood is not only very durable but also water-resistant. Sounds great, right?

The cylindrical, D-shaped grip of the handle is superb and well suited for small hands. The handle has a small diameter, making it easy to hold and do quick maneuvers, aiding the amateur chefs specifically.

What makes it different from traditional Western knives? This Japanese knife’s blade is way thinner with razor-sharp 16-degree edges, and the handle is just straightaway light.

Enough about the functioning; let’s talk about the design because Shun puts a lot of effort into the aesthetics. This knife has a Damascus pattern on the blade and a premium streamline shape.

This 6-inch knife is an all-rounder as it is good for chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, etc. The material overall is unparalleled and worth the money.

To sum up, Shun is lighter, harder, and sharper. We think that says it all, doesn’t it!

  • Premium qualityRazor-sharp edgesThinner steel
  • Lacks a hanging hole

6. Ferrum Estate Chef’s Knife – Exceptional Edge Retention

Here comes Ferrum with its recent 8-inch edition. Ferrum is an American knife manufacturer that makes knives with top-notch designs.

The 8-inch version is very user-friendly but for small-handed chefs. What makes this knife one of the best chef knives for small hands?

The maple wood handle is really a thing to consider. This knife has an exceptional handle feel, and the compact 6” blade compliments the handle making it a great pick for small hands.

Here’s an interesting thing! The knife comes with a way more curved cutting edge than others –something that speeds up the prep through the rock chopping technique.

This knife’s hardness reaches a 61+ Rockwell hardness. It is way above the average hardness and accounts for exceptional edge retention.

Its 16-degree angle blade is far more impressive than the Western knives having 20-25 degree angles, which makes this knife exceptionally sharp as well.

Ferrum has been improving its cutlery day by day, and this very item has phenomenal Cutting Edge Technology. Honestly, it feels dangerous to hold it, let alone seeing it in action.

Sharpening the knives can be annoying, doesn’t it? Well, not with this one. With Ferrum’s unique manufacturing process, the blade has expressly been made less brittle and easier to sharpen than other knives of comparable hardness.

But there’s one problem, though; this item has a few customer reviews on Amazon. You may find it hard to know about it thoroughly, but then again, it’s Ferrum Estate we’re talking about, so what’s there to worry about?

  • Optimal design for small handsExceptional Rockwell hardnessGreat craftsmanship
  • Not so lightweight

7. Mac Knife Superior Santoku –Incredibly Sharp Knife for Small Hands

Trust me when we say this; Mac knife will change your perception of sharpness; we really mean it! Mac’s small kitchen knife maintains its edge for an unimaginable time.

Engineered to be on the point; this knife features an exceptional quality Alloy blade with a PakkaWood handle at the back.

It’s no surprise that this premium knife has PakkaWood handles as they are highly durable and known for their grip. Your hand will not move an inch forward unless you want it to. Now, that’s what you call a firm grip.

With a 6 ½-inch blade length, this knife falls under one of the best chef knives for small hands. This knife may look very simple, but it’s incredibly sharp. Mac has stepped up its sharpness game with this knife, which ultimately aids the chefs in making the prep effortless.

As it’s clear, the knife has a well-sized heel that gives more room to the knuckles helping in a broader range of maneuvers.

There’s a slight catch! Being Santoku, its blade edge is flat to some extent. So, if you’re a fan of the rock chopping technique, it might not be as efficient as some other ones listed above. But frankly, you won’t find such ultra-sharpness in other knives.

The knife might not be super durable, but the steel used is AUS-8, a high carbon Japanese steel, with a mixture of other transition metals contributing to enhanced flexibility, rust, and corrosion resistance.

The moral of the story? The knife has an excellent overall performance on the cutting board. It saves prep time drastically and serves as the perfect knife for small-handed chefs undoubtedly.

  • Reasonable pricingExceptionalOut of the box sharpnessSleek and aesthetical design
  • It doesn’t come with protective sheath

8. Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife – Optimal Handle Knife for Small Hands

Zelite infinity’s 7” Santoku knife takes Japanese-style knives to a whole new level. This knife is designed to insight the culinary passion in you.

It has 45 layers of AUS10 Damascus steel; isn’t that crazy! This steel is made explicitly for lasting performance and stain resistance.

While talking about the blade, how about it has a Rockwell hardness score of 61 and a thickness of just 2.4mm. Its 9-12 degree edge sharpness is way better than the average Western knives.

The 7-inch blade size adds to its enhanced maneuverability for small-handed chefs, making it a great knife for small hands.

The standing feature of the knife is its fantastic handle. The forged G-10 humpback handle features a grainy design mastered to give the maximum grip possible.

The handle’s overall thickness and length are small hands friendly. It’s easy to hold primarily because of the humpback.

There’s one problem, though; this knife’s blade is more curved, unlike other Santoku knives. So it might disappoint someone looking for the straight cutting edge. Look at it this way, being more curved; this knife comes in handy for the rock chopping technique, which speeds things up.

This knife proves as your best assistant in the kitchen because of its sharp performance and unparalleled handle.

Feel not to exclude the fact that Zelite gives a decent heel size, too, which is great for your knuckles and keeps your cutting consistent.

  • Lifetime WarrantyOptimum size for small handsExceptional handle grip
  • Might be heavy for some cooks

9. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife – Easy Care

The knife that does it all, finishing last on our list, is Zwilling’s 6-inch chef knife that is built to cut through everything softer than butter.

This knife is undoubtedly an all-rounder, whether it’s a simple cutting or delicate slicing, mincing, or chopping. This knife does it all efficiently and effectively

It is the only German-made knife on the list. What makes it so stunning? It’s because it’s hand-finished by highly skilled artisans.

The Ice-hardened FRIODUR blade is what makes this knife simply an outstanding kitchen knife for small hands. It reduces the energy you need to put in otherwise if you aren’t using this masterpiece.

You may be wondering why this knife is on the list? It’s because, with a Rockwell hardness of 57, this knife is made to last long. It’ll retain its edges like no other knife you’ve come across.

There’s just a slight catch that its heel size is a little shorter, but frankly, you’ll be used to this knife in no time.

Its aesthetic polymer three-rivet handle, seamlessly bonded to the full tang, is a great thing to consider. And if you’re looking for agility and comfort, this handle will live up to the task.

The interesting safety feature of the knife is its intuitive bolster. Not only does the bolster provide the perfect balance, but it acts as a finger guard to make sure your cutting process is as accident-free as possible.

With the simple design that this knife has, it’s simply amazing in its performance. So, if you’ve looking for an optimum Chef’s knife for small hands, we believe you’ve found it.

  • Easy to cleanPerfect maneuverabilityGood grip and control
  • Heel size could’ve been bigger

Best Chef Knives for Small Hands – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Picking up the right knife isn’t a difficult task as you just have to make a random decision.

But when it comes to small hands, it’s not a piece of cake anymore. Have you ever wondered what if you just end up choosing any random knife that turns out to be too bulky for your small hands?

Before you squint into any particular model, you have to keep a few things in mind. What are those things?

To make you one step closer to your purchase, we are here with the complete buying guide. You just have to keep these things into considerations while looking at any model so you can make every penny worth it.

Let’s get right into it!

The Length of Knife – First and the Most Important Thing!

Does it ever happen the knife you are holding went right out of your hand’s size? If yes, probably that’s because the knife isn’t right for you. Larger people can undoubtedly handle bulky knives, but it’s a real-time struggle for smaller ones.

When choosing the best chef knives for small hands, keep the length factor in your mind. Length is not the length of the whole, but actually, it’s the blade’s length –that matters the most.

You have to choose a knife that’s 6-8 inches in length and fits well in your hand.

Say ‘NO’ to a Bulky Handle

If you are trying to slice away the things with a bulky-handled knife, then, believe me, you are going to mess up everything.

Let’s dig into the secret that why the handle is so important!

Apart from the blade, the handle is the essential part of a knife that will determine your cutting experience. Most of the chef’s knives right out there in the market feature hefty and large handles.

Even if you are a culinary expert, you won’t be able to tackle the bulkiness of a handle and cutting.

The best kitchen knife for small hands is fewer ones but comes with decently-gripped compact and lightweight handles to ensure optimal comfort for your tiny hands.

Bolster Adds in Weight – Choose a small bolstered knife

If you are a culinary expert, you may know the importance of a bolster. It’s a connecting point where the handle and blade meets.

Despite telling about how durable the knife is, the full bolster in a standard-sized knife contributes a lot in making it overall hefty. Your small hands would not be able to manage the heavy build.

What’s the catch?

You just have to choose a knife that should lack a full bolster in it. It’s that simple!

A well-sized Heel Matters A lot!

The heel is the space between the cutting edge. And it’s the handle, where you have your knuckles resting between this. It’s much important to consider, and many people don’t bother to look at it.

We’ll recommend you to go with a model having a larger heel area, so your knuckles don’t hit the cutting board during rock chopping.

Regrettably, many small knives in the market come with an almost non-existent heel that might bother small-handed people.

You certainly don’t have to worry because all the models in our line have decent heel space.

Wrapping Up

After detailed research on each model, we presented you with our top ten best chef knives for small hands with all their unique aspects and a few drawbacks. Now the decision is yours! We have done what we could do –bringing you a step closer to your purchase.

Moreover, the detailed buying guide will let you choose the best bang for your buck. Make your culinary experience worthwhile by giving a chance to any of these knives.

Before winding up, let’s get right into our top pick!

DALSTRONG Chef Knife is ultimately the best knife for small hands with its unique aesthetics, never-ending performance, and great price. Chop away anything on the board!


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