Top 7 Best Chef Knives for Left Handers 2021

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If you are a lefty, you might have noticed that you can smoothly perform your everyday task without any problem. However, when it comes to cooking, you might have faced many struggles while handling your utensils. Can you even think of changing the whole kitchen utensils just because you are not satisfied?

Certainly not!

So, you have to look for the best chef knives for left handers –the core of cooking.

Whether you are any culinary expert or cooking amateur, cutting is the most important and challenging task, especially for lefties. So, having the wrong knife can end up messing with your veggies or even your hand.

What’s the catch?

Do you still think about messing up your food when the guests are waiting outside?


Because when you find the appropriate left-handed knife set, you’re going to have a remarkable cutting experience.

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It’s because most of the kitchen utensils are explicitly engineered, keeping right-handed people in mind. Then what about lefty culinary experts?

Don’t worry!

There are still a few companies that aim at designing knives set for lefties. Although finding that right set isn’t a piece of cake, we have your back.

Getting yourself the best kitchen utensil doesn’t need any rocket-science knowledge. You’ll choose the one that works well with your hands. But for lefties, we must say it’s a real-time struggle. They just don’t have to check the style or sharpness, but the construction too.

Out of some highly-rated models, we have narrowed down your choice to our seven top picks. These best chef knives for left handers are ideal for lefties with an excellent 50/50 bevel ratio. Plus, here, you’ll get a detailed buying guide to make you one step closer to your mission of getting the best chef knife for your left hand.

Best Chef Knives for Left Handers Reviews

1. Shun Cutlery Kanso Stainless Steel – Best Overall Knife for Left Handers

Shun, one of the highly respected brands in the culinary world, brings out one of the most innovative knives for home chefs and professionals. Kanso’s line of Shun knives was constructed based on Zen philosophy, and its name means “simplicity.”

Shun incorporated high-carbon, vanadium steel with a Tagasayan wood handle at the back to compensate for your money. Tagasayan, known as “iron sword wood,” was used to craft the Samurai sword, clearly showing its significance.

The 8-inch double bevel blade length is perfect for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping small to medium-sized foods. The full-tang construction with precise blade and contoured aesthetic wooden handle help smooth motion cutting, making it one of the best shun left-handed knives.

Its 16-degree cutting angle cuts cleanly on both sides, making it useful for the fewer in number, left-handed chefs out there. Shun Cutlery is undoubtedly one of the best chef knives for left-handers with a sleek and traditional look.

The technology and craftsmanship that went into its construction have resulted in a perfect balance. It makes Kanso 8-inch ideal for anyone who needs a go-to-knife for everyday kitchen tasks.

To sum up, if you’re searching for a simple-looking yet sharp-cutting knife, Kanso should be on the top of your list. Slice away anything that lies flat on the chopping board with quickness and preciseness. You are going to get great precision in your cutting with your left hand.

  • Optimal gripping
  • Useful for a variety of kitchen tasks
  • Features a hanging hole
  • Perfect balance and precise cutting
  • A bent tip may hinder your cutting
  • Everyone doesn’t admire the rusty look

2. Imarku Damascus Chef Knife Pro – Best Handle Knife for left handers

Whether you’re a Restaurateur or an average lefty home chef, Imarku Damascus Pro can serve as the best kitchen assistant. It will make your cutting activity super easy, hence making cooking fun for you. We must say, Imarku has earned an excellent reputation for becoming one of the best chef knives for beginners.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Damascus Pro is currently the most stylish and sleek style Chef’s knife in the market. Its uniquely designed wooden handle and indented blade, with their practicality, make the knife stand out from the rest.

This knife features HC German stainless steel that undoubtedly resists corrosion, rusting and discoloration. It extends the knife’s life. This ultra-sharp knife comes with outstanding craftsmanship so that it does not give in; no matter how sturdy a food item lies on the cutting board.

The 5.5-inch handle of the knife is its standing feature that ensures a firm and skid grip. The G-10 epoxy glass fiber is non-skid, smooth, yet well gripped. Moreover, the design certainly reduces left wrist tension hence providing safety and ultimate comfort.

Unlike many other professional knives, this knife benefits the left-handed chefs as it is beveled from both sides at an angle of 15 to 18 degrees. Hence, this knife is most certainly included in the list of the best chef knives for left handers with its outstanding features.

Take control in the kitchen with an Imarku Pro in your hands that will provide you with confidence and safety, helping you use your cutting skills effectively. Dice, mince, chop and slice away any kind of meat, vegetables, fruits, and bread.

  • Ideal for both small and big hands
  • Double-edged blade design
  • Prevents food adhesions efficiently
  • Ultra-sharp razor blade
  • Multi-purpose construction
  • It doesn’t have a hanging hole
  • Not efficient for extremely thin cutting

3. NoBox All-Purpose Chef Knife – Best Portable Chef Knife for Left Handers

If you are a person who loves classical knives, a NoBox all-purpose chef knife might fulfil your desire. One look at this knife and you can tell that the designer put a lot of effort into it. The fantastic texture of this knife makes it a great choice for left-handed culinary experts.

Just like all other knives, NoBox uses a stainless-steel blade. But what makes it so unique is the Kyro treatment that involves high heat and deep freeze. It gives out a blade that is easy to sharpen and holds its edges longer than its competitors.

Moreover, the handle’s ergonomic design makes this knife suitable for both left and right-handed people. It’s quite interesting if you choose a knife that’s suitable for both left and right-handed people.  

The 50/50 bevel ratio favors both hands equally, making this knife, preferably a modest addition to the list of the best chef knives for left-handers.

This knife features a very aerodynamic and streamlined design that efficiently goes through any soft or sturdy food on the table. The knife is sleek with an 8-inch premium blade, and a 4-inch Rosewood handle gives it a classical look.

This knife is perfectly balanced, not too heavy, which specifically caters to amateurs. It provides a curved butt at the back to keep your hand in position throughout your activity. So, if you’re a beginner in the culinary world, start off with NoBox all-purpose, the best chef knife for beginners.

To sum up, this all-purpose knife is as good for outdoor purposes as indoor kitchen activities. This portable and resilient knife is useful for hiking, camping, fishing, light home cooking, or rigorous restaurant activities –hence standing true to its name.

  • The leather sheath allows storage and protection
  • Its non-slip handle prevents accidents and discomfort
  • Durable, sharp edges
  • Curved butt for grip
  • It’s a bit too thick for any delicate work
  • Not useful in highly thin slicing

4. Aroma House German Pro Chef Knife – Best Affordable Chef Knife for Left Handers

One look at this knife, and it’s clear that this knife really means business. Make your kitchen experience premium, convenient, and more enjoyable with an Aroma House 8-inch German knife. Astonishing! Isn’t it?

If you’ve been looking for an ambidextrous chef knife, this is it. With a 50/50 bevel ratio, this most certainly is a chef knife for a lefty. The engineering that went into its construction is truly remarkable.

The design is so sleek with a German HC stainless steel and Pakkawood handle. The blade’s hardness reaches HRC 56±2 with their high-tech vacuum heat treatment. The hypersensitive blade cuts through everything smoothly like butter. It might just be the sharpest knife you’ve ever come across.

This knife comes in elegant packaging. It weighs roughly 1 pound, which is perfect for handling everyday kitchen tasks. This knife is explicitly for chefs, culinary experts, food caterers, and ordinary users of all sorts.

What’s so unique about this knife is how Aroma House managed to put together a knife having quality materials, brilliant design, and professionalism at such a reasonable price.

The German Pro, with its impeccable performance, rivals its competitors having high prices. So, if you’re a lefty, you might just be impressed with how this knife is going to cater to you. With unparalleled strength, resilience, sharpness, and control, this knife stands strong as one of the best chef knives for left-handers.

  • Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant steel
  • Amazing edge retention
  • Ultra-sensitive sharpness
  • Rockwell hardness tested with a score of 56+
  • It has a full tang handle
  • The dishwasher is not recommended for this

5. Shun Classic Chef Knife – Best Controlled Chef Knife for Left Handers

Being one of the leading brands in the culinary world; Shun cutlery is known for its exquisite beauty and premium performance. It’s no wonder that this knife is explicitly for professional chefs.

Shuns VG-Max steel alone might make up for the cost. The steel used in this knife is an amalgam of strong transition metals like Chromium, Tungsten, etc., along with extra carbon that makes the blade very resilient.

But wait, there’s more! The ergonomic PakkaWood handle is water-resistance and provides a D-shaped smart grip, which is specifically friendly for lefties.

The knife has a 6-inch blade with enough blade surface to transport ingredients easily. The blade is reasonably lightweight. Most interestingly! The blade length is optimal for people with small hands, too, being unarguably one of the best chef knives for small hands.

The double-bevel blade caters to right and left-handed chefs. Handcrafted in Japan by highly skilled artisans, beauty is evident not only on the outside but also in its performance.

This well-balanced knife has a unique cutting-edge technology that requires minimal effort preventing you from fatigue. It provides exceptional power for hassle-free kitchen use.

The product weighs only 4.6 ounces. It’s a little smaller and lighter, making it fast-moving, quick in action, highly responsive, and user-friendly.

In a nutshell, we must say that it is one of the best chef knives for left-handers in the market today.

  • A sensational feel while cutting
  • Top-quality material and engineering
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Scary sharp blade
  • The size is easy to handle
  • It’s a little fragile
  • It has a slight tendency to chip off

6. Inofia Professional Damascus Chef Knife-Best Thin Edged Knife for Left Handers

If you’re a beginner and want to update your chef’s knife, the Inofia professional Damascus chef knife is the best option.

To start off with the blade, VG-10 is high-performance stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof. You will feel the blade’s engineering while chopping, mincing, slicing any vegetable or fruit or any meat item.

If you’re high on aesthetics, then you will appreciate the beautiful Damascus pattern on the blade.

Want to know more? So, let’s dig a little deeper!

With its ultra-thin 8-inch blade of only 0.22 mm edge thickness, the knife cuts easily and undoubtedly save your labor and efforts. It has a low maintenance blade and is cost-friendly. All these are plus points for beginners making this knife the optimal chef knife for beginners.

The ergonomic design of the handle, along with a balanced bolster, prevents fatigue or aches and provides an impressive grip. It makes the knife useful for long hours of usage in the kitchen by assisting you effectively.

Masterfully hand-polished, the knife’s edge angle is 15 degrees on both sides, making the cutting process easier and caters to both right and left-handed chefs. With an optimal weight of 0.55 pounds, this knife is one of the best chef knives for left-handers, and how can we forget right-handers. It’s actually best for both.

Master the skill of cutting with Inofia’s Damascus steel knife. Although the blade is highly sharp and dangerous, triple rivets reinforced non-slip handle makes the cutting much safer and relaxing.

  • Aesthetic Damascus steel blade
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Pretty well-balanced
  • Ideal for professionals
  • It does not cut bones or hard foods like nuts

7. Sakai Takumi Ajimasa Yasuki Shirogami – Best Luxury Chef Knife for Left Handers

Good quality single-edged knives for lefties are hard to find in the market. If you’re a lefty and are willing to invest in a premium quality knife specifically mastered for lefties, this is the best chef knife for a lefty –the thing you’re actually looking for.

Just imagine how it feels when you get the thing you’ve been craving for a long time. This Japanese-origin knife is actually to serve lefty pro-level chefs. Don’t think about it; just get it.

Sakai Takumi is a high-class knife with a luxury price tag for highly skilled work. It features an Alloy Steel blade with a Japanese Magnolia wood handle and Buffalo Horn Bolster. The quality of the materials incorporated is just phenomenal and makes the investment completely worth it.

It comes from a renowned Japanese brand that is popular for making professional knives for pro-level chefs. Moreover, it also pays close attention to its products’ details, making it one of the best chef knives.

If you’re a lefty and looking for a long-time investment in a knife that assists you in everyday kitchen tasks, then here’s good news for you. This knife has got you covered.

It provides extreme precision, hypersensitive sharpness, long-lasting durability, perfect balance, and many more.

Experience an enhanced level of boost and resilience with this unforgiving knife and take full control in your hands.

  • It’s razor-sharp out of the box
  • It’s excellent for cutting delicate ingredients
  • The razor is twice as sharp as the double-edged knives
  • Suitable for precise cutting
  • Three size variations for blade length
  • It’s a relatively expensive knife
  • A little difficult to use for right-handers

Best Chef Knives for Left Handers Buying Guide

With tons of models in front of you, each having some unique specs, it’s often challenging to choose the best one. Don’t worry! It is no more a challenge for you. Because here we’ve got you all those essential things that you have to keep in mind before choosing any model.

After reading this guide, you’ll get one step closer to your desire of getting the best left-handed knife set. The factors include:

What to choose –Single or Double Bevel?

The first and the most important thing that you have to squint into a knife is the bevel. As you are a lefty, you don’t have to choose a single-bevel knife because it’s not ambidextrous. Having a single bevel of the knife means that its blades are single-edged.

What does that really mean? That means these knives are explicitly for right-handed people and will not work well with your left hand.

So you have to choose a knife with double-bevel construction as it works well with both left and right hands. The honed blade should provide a ground for lefties. Although it will cost a little more, it’s worth the investment.

Construction Determines Performance!

Usually, knives come in forged and stamped blade construction. The stamped blade features a slightly lower quality and cheaper. But there are a few knives with stamped blades that are at par with forged ones.

Then comes a high-quality forged blade with honed and sharp edges that can retain its sharpness for an unimaginable time.

Another important thing, the tang of the blade, determines your performance. An extremely balanced, full tang version features high-quality stainless steel that runs throughout the knife to the handle.

The cheaper one, a partial tang knife, has a steel blade that doesn’t extend up to the handle. The more you invest, the better you get. The choice is yours.

Durability is Important – The Material

The material of a knife really matters as it has to do with durability. Some high-end models feature high-carbon stainless steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant. You can further sharpen it to an extremely sharp edge.

Apart from the blade material, the handle should be gripped enough for stable cutting. G10 or wooden handles serve best to lefties, especially if they come embellished with a water-resistant coating.

The Cost Matters!

The amount you are willing to invest in your knife really determines your culinary performance. If you are a lefty, you certainly have to pay some extra dollars to get the best chef knives for left handers.

But, the point is that there are many budget-friendly models in the market with good quality. You are lucky if you get a cost-efficient knife with excellent quality.

There are tons of knives out in the market with an astounding price tag under $100 that rival some high-end models. Determining your budget will narrow down the choices.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can you get left-handed knives?

Just because most knives are exquisitely for right-handed people doesn’t mean that lefties have to suffer. What’s the catch? Lefties can undoubtedly get the best left-handed knives.

Some multi-purpose ordinary shaped and Santoku knives serve best for both right and left-handed people.

2. What makes a knife left handed?

The horizontal symmetrical and double-edged construction makes the knives suitable for lefties. Moreover, there’s excellent craftsmanship in designing the handle of these ambidextrous knives. And you’ll certainly feel that!

3. Are knives left or right handed?

For sure, they can be both! The double-edged or western knives, including Gyuto and Santoku, are the best ambidextrous knives. They are ideal for both left and right-handed people.

The interesting thing is:

Exclusively some high-end left handed Japanese knives are crafting a unique single-edged construction, which is the best bang for the buck –good news for lefties.

4. How do you sharpen a left handed knife?

Sharpening really doesn’t matter when it comes to a knife. We’ll recommend sharpening the double-beveled knife with neutral 50/50 edges that are perfect for lefties.

Moreover, if you are handling your knife to a sharpener, don’t forget to tell him that you are a lefty.

5. How do you sharpen a right handed knife?

If you’re sharpening your knife every day, it won’t take more than five minutes to sharpen it against the stone. First, you have to prepare the stones for sharpening and position the knife on them.

Determine the right angle and then just get into the sharpening process.

Insider Advice

Nothing can hinder you from performing in your next cooking competition if you get yourself the best chef knife for left handers. No matter if you are preparing a dinner when everyone’s waiting outside, being left-handed will never procrastinate your serving if you’ve chosen the best knife for you.

The first thing you have to do is narrow down your choices by considering the factors mentioned above. Only check those models that meet your requirements.  

We’ve filtered some top-notch models to narrow down the choices already. So choose the one that suits best to you. Here’s our top pick for you.

With Shun Cutlery Kanso Stainless Steel, you can slice away everything in the kitchen just like a pro culinary expert. The smart design, exceptional bevel ratio, and smart pricing make it stand on the top of our list.


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