Top 10 Best Boning Knives 2021

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Boning knives take meat cutting to a whole new level because of the amazing experience they provide along with ease of cutting. These meat cutting knives help you get market-style boneless meat at home.

If you are someone who experiences trouble in cutting meat quite often, switching to a boning knife will make the experience amazingly easier for you.

Boning knives have long, flexible, and thin cutting blades, which allows for fine piercing through the meat. Let’s agree, most of us need it in our kitchens along.


The blades of the boning knives cut through the connective tissues and ligaments of the bones to remove raw meat from the bones.

Cutting meat in a proper way from the bone leaves in a lot of flavor in the meat and also allows you to separate meat as a whole rather than in chunks. That is how you get the perfectly sliced or boneless meat in the shop from which you prepare your favorite foods.

Boning knives are an important component of the kitchen, and one must have them in order to pierce through the meat and efficiently remove it from the bone.

Purchasing the best boning knives from an authentic source is always a must. This ensures you get a quality knife in your kitchen. However, this needs research, and not many of us are free for that.

In this regard, review articles save you time and give you the best insight on the top-notch products available in the market. They save you from getting scammed or in purchasing the products that fail to deliver the desired experience.

So if you are looking forward to buying the best boning knives for your kitchen, this review guide will not only help you find but also help you in selecting the best boning knife for yourself.

We have arranged a list of the best boning knives in the market after extensive research to bring you top-notch knives to choose from. You may also like our guide about best sushi knives.

Best Boning Knives 2021

1. Enso HD Damascus Boning Knife

Experience the magic of fine cutting with this amazing boning knife, which gives you premium design with a classic finish. The slender looking 6 inches blade ensures a fine chop and pierces any type of meat, be it fish, chicken, beef mutton, etc.

We personally think this boning knife is a perfect example of durability.

The shape of this meat cutting knife allows you to easily scrape the knife from the bones.

The material of this knife is Japanese stainless steel, which ensures its longevity and performance. You do not have to sharpen it over and over again or care so much for its maintenance.


  • This boning knife has a sharp blade made with high-quality steel to make the cutting really easy.
  • It has a full tang handle, which ensures seamless and ensures strength, durability, and balance.
  • The blade of this knife features a double bevel (50/50) edge for both right and left-handed use.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting DesignEasy to useHas a sharp blade
  • Problems with blade chipping

2. Shun Premier Gokujo Boning Fillet Knife – Perfect Fish Boning Knife

This knife is specially designed to bring you the best culinary experience.  This knife is the because of the material of the blade that it has. It provides the perfect cutting experience to all its users. The blade is made with a special Japanese heating technology, which gives it the best quality.

We personally love the performance of this boning knife.

You will love the beautiful tsuchime (too-CHEE-may) finish of this knife; however, the real beauty of this knife lies in its performance. The performance of this knife is perfect and has an exceptionally agile handle to give you the maximum possible grip. Thus, it provides both beauty and balance.


  • This is a perfect pick for removing bones from fish and creating thin slices of fish. In other words, it is the perfect fish boning knife.
  • This knife has a double-bevel flat-ground blade for extra durability.
  • The sharpened 16-degree cutting angle on each side provides a razor-sharp edge Hammered Tsuchime finish.
  • You can use this knife for many other purposes rather than cutting meat.
  • Easy to HoldHas an Ergonomic designExtremely sharp
  • The blade has a thick width

3. Mercer Culinary 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife

This boning knife is specially made in Japan to deliver the best. The non-staining steel of this knife resists rust, discoloration, and corrosion.

This knife provides for precision made for strength and durability. The razor-sharp edge of this knife makes both cutting and chopping really easy. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain.

We love this knife because of its stain or rust free nature.

The ergonomic handles of this bone cutting knife are made from

  • Santoprene for comfort.
  • Polypropylene for durability.

The handle also features textured finger points that provide you with slip resistance and a much better grip.


  • This knife is dishwasher safe
  • It is NSF certified which adds to its performance and premium design
  • The handles of this knife are engineered to protect the hands
  • The highest quality Japanese steel allows for smooth performance.
  • Mercilessly sharp bladeErgonomic handleMade with high-quality steel
  • This knife will need frequent sharpening

4. Henckels Zwilling Fillet Knife – Perfect for Beginners

The knives from this manufacturer are honed and forged by the most skilled artisans, which makes them a perfect piece to have at your table and cut your favorite pieces of meat with. We assure you, the quality is just surprising.

This knife is so easy to hold that you can use it comfortably for a very long time. It is designed with comfort, safety, and ease in mind. The bolster in this knife provides for keeping the fingers safe during cutting, which is a must that many boning knives may lack. This makes it a perfect deal for beginners.

The harder and sharper blade of this knife makes it very durable and perfect for someone who interacts with meat scrapping often.


  • These knives are specially made in Germany to provide quality
  • This knife is forged from a single pieced high carbon steel
  • The blade of this knife is sharp and precision-honed
  • The edge angle is 15 per side
  • The Rockwell hardness of this flexible boning knife is 57
  • Provides quality and designIt is perfect for beginnersBlade is flexible
  • Not so great for experts

5. Victorinox Cutlery Straight Fillet Fishing Knife

Want to get precision on point! Well, you’ve got this knife at your table! The knife is perfect for separating meat, poultry, or fish right from the bone with precise control.

We love just how precise cuts this knife makes!

The high carbon stainless-steel blade of this knife provides maximum sharpness as well as edge retention. It is ice tempered to sustain sharpness longer.

Moreover, this knife has patented fibrox handles that are textured, slip-resistant, and ergonomically designed to provide both balance and comfort. This knife is NSF approved.


  • This knife has the best safety and protection design that we love
  • The handle is designed to bring ease for long hours of work
  • The knife is easy to clean with its hand wash feature
  • It can be used for other types of cuttings as well
  • Beautifully designed to provide the bestVery sharpBest value for the money
  • Not safe for dishwasher

6. Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife – Best For Professionals

This commercial-grade boning knife is your best friend, especially if you are a chef or have prep cooks versed in filleting fish meat or poultry.

The long and sharp seven inches blade is pointed and has a straight edge. This knife is narrow, extremely flexible and perfect for removing the skin bones and other pieces from fish and other fillets.

This is the perfect knife for all professionals out there.

The ultra grip handle of this knife allows for slip-free usage, which is a must for professional jobs that require repetitive movements.


  • The blade length of this sharp and beautifully crafted knife is 7 inches, making it a perfect deal to have
  • The pointy blade can fit and pierce almost any meat
  • The handle is made of plastic to offer a lightweight and ease in holding.
  • Easy to cleanBest value for the moneySharpest blade boning knife
  • It may get dull more quickly

7. Wusthof Pro Fish Fillet Knife – Best Fishing Boning Knife

Wusthof has come up with one of the best knives over the years. The knives from this manufacturer have given quite promising results. For this reason, we have included this knife in our list of the best boning knives.

Easily prepare the meat and cut it out with this amazing knife, which brings both sharpness and easy to hold design to you.

If you are someone who continuously works with slicing meat and scraping it apart from bones, you ought to have this knife by your side. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner.

We love the sharpness of this knife.

This knife has a super sharp blade of 9 inches, which will instantly cut off all the meat and give you more results in less time.


  • The knife is made with high carbon steel
  • The material of the handle is black polymer
  • The blade of this boning knife is easy to clean and is stain free.
  • You can easily wash it with hands, and you’re good to go.
  • Has a comfortable gripBest value for the moneyBest fish boning knife
  • This knife does not have a beautiful packaging

8. Bubba 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife

This is one of the highest quality knives available in the market. We love the feel and the super convenient design of this knife, which is why we added it to our list of the perfect boning knives.

This knife is super convenient and easy to install. So if you need something effortless to do the job for you, then this is your knife. It has a sharp handle, which is beautifully wrapped in a polythene handle that is both durable and also adds to the less weight of this knife.

We personally like this knife for fish scraping.

We prefer this knife mostly for fish scraping or talking along with yourself when you are out camping since it will really help you to slice things in no time at all.


  • This knife is 15 inches in overall length and has a blade length of 9 inches for precision
  • Get control over your knife for the ultimate non-slip grip feature it provides
  • It is both convenient to use for all kinds of things and also durable.
  •  Has multiple usingLong-lasting designAmazing grip
  • The coating may flake off rarely

9. KYOKU Daimyo Series Boning Knife

Need a knife to present to someone you hold dearly to you? If YES, then you’ve got the knife. This is the knife which will make you want to love it even more.   Not only does it have good packaging, but it is also evenly good in terms of design and strength.

It is the perfect knife to gift your friends and family.

Need a knife to be super sharp and strong to cut out all those chunks of meat, and you have it! We love this knife overall. The function and features it provides are so great they make you want to own this knife.

It is perfect for both professionals and beginners, and you can carry it wherever you want with its portable and easy to use design.


  • The ruthlessly sharp edge of this best meat knife is handcrafted by seasoned artisans to give its best.
  • It is the perfect choice to have for cutting meat
  • The design and packaging of this knife make it a good piece for gifting
  • The handle of this knife is also very ergonomically designed.
  • Does not need sharpening oftenBest for camping outExtra Durable
  • Not so flexible

10. Wusthof CLASSIC Boning Knife

Do you want the perfectly shaped knife which can easily scrape out all the meat from the bone? We’re sure you do!

That is why you’re looking at our list of the best boning knives.

Last but not least, this boning knife is a perfect one to have in your kitchen or at your restaurant or hotel. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, or you have just started out as a beginner in cutting or scraping out the meat.

This classic boning knife is forged, and it has a full tang design to bring you the maximum ease possible.

We personally love the maneuverability of this flexible boning knife.

Moreover, the design of this knife is very attractive, and it is easy to hold. The quality handle material of this knife also adds to its durability.


  • This boning knife is forged into a full tang knife.
  • It has an ergonomic handle made to provide ease
  • It includes a finger guard for safety
  • It has a seamless synthetic black handle
  • Easy to holdBeautiful designDurable
  • This knife needs high maintenance

Boning Knife Uses

So what basically are the uses of a boning knife? This question is asked by many people, so we decided to answer it all at once.

Below are some of the uses of boning knives that you should know if you are interested in buying a boning knife.

1. Removing Meat From Bones

As we all know, this is specifically what a boning knife is actually used for. In other words, this is the main usage of a boning knife.

A boning knife is used to cut out or separate the meat from the bone. This knife has a long and sharp blade, which helps in smooth removal of the meat from the bone to give you market-style boneless meat.

It finally separates all the ligaments and connective tissue from the bone so that in the end, you get the meat without any cuts.

Boning knives, for this purpose, are used all over the world in many kitchens, both residential and commercial, which may include homes, restaurants, hotels, and other cooking areas.

These knives are used by professional chefs and professional butchers all over the world.

2. Cutting Hard Fruits

Ever went through the process of cutting a pineapple or a coconut? It makes you go mad! We mean, they are so hard to separate and get slices of, if you don’t have the perfect knife to do it with!

Well, the boning knife is a miracle in such situations.

 With a boning knife at your door, you will surely get the perfect slices of all hard fruits without any problem or so. Simply use it as a normal knife to experience its effortless penetration and extra sharpness. It truly is a lifesaver.

3. Cutting Veggies

Like cutting fruit, you can also use the boning knives for cutting veggies of all kinds. You can literally use this knife in normal day cutting to get fine slices of vegetables.

Be it radish, carrot, capsicum or cauliflower, get perfectly cut slices of veggies on a daily basis.

4. Regular chopping

Chopping is a very professional and personalized thing to do. It is practiced by both busy chefs and everyday house owners. You can use the boning knife for all types of chopping.

Chop your favorite veggies or fruits or anything else you like and add them up to your favorite salads, fruit trays, or mocktails, or cocktails, or even Chinese dishes, etc.

With its sharp blades, these knives provide fine chopping for everyday use besides separating the meat from the bone.

5. Peeling skins from Fruits and Veggies

Sharp knives are often required to peel out the skins from different veggies and fruits; blunt knives do a bad job at it.

The sharp and the small blades of the boning knife provide ease and comfort when skinning all veggies and fruits.

You can also remove the core of many fruits, like an apple or pear, simply by sliding it inside towards the core and then rolling it out. The sharpness of the knife allows you that.

Whenever you are using a boning knife for peeling or skinning of fruits, start by placing the handle of the knife across the base of your four fingers with the blade facing toward you.

After that, simply hold the blade steady with your thumb and slide the blade under the skin, moving the fruit as necessary to peel away the skin.

6. Baked Items

You can also use a boning knife for cutting all sorts of sweet dishes and baked items.

If you love to carve out your favorite desserts into beautiful, different, and unique shapes, then keeping a boning knife at hand is the best thing you can do!

The thin and the sharp blades of the knife allow you that pleasure. You can even cut out the layers of a cake, spread things, cut down round or heart-shaped outlines or get the perfect square with a flexible boning knife! It’s all up to you.

7. Spreading

Last but not least, you can spread out your favorite layers of things on the required surface.

Keep this knife on your table and use it to spread out butter or jam on a toast or get a perfect layer on the cake or tomato sauce on pizza and what not! It’s all up to you.

Boning Knife Buying Guide

So if you are thinking about buying a knife, you ought to make your mind about a few things before you make the purchase.

Even though a boning knife provides a great experience and gives you those beautifully separated chunks of meat, while buying one, you need to be careful and alarmed about what you are getting and what it would give you back.

Remember to always think about your requirements or the ideal requirements of a knife first and then get the knife of your dreams.

So in this buying guide, we will explore all the parameters which will help you in buying the best boning knife.

Before buying a boning knife, here are a few things you must consider.

1. Blade Length

The blade length of an ideal boning knife should be around 6 inches. This is a very good length, and it will get you things done really easily.

The blade length of a blade greatly matters because it determines the ease and comfort you will get when cooking your favorite meals.

2. Weight

The weight of a boning knife matters greatly. Even though most of the knives are expected to be of lighter weight in order to have a great performance. But when it comes to boning knives, you need to have a knife that has a moderate weight.

It’s okay to have a bit of a bulky knife, but not too much.

3. Design

The design of the boning knife that you are getting needs to be impressive too. It’s not just about getting the job done. Your knife needs to look appealing, as well. This will really boost up and enhance your cutting experience.

Another thing that we want to mention is that it’s better to have a full tang design for your boning knife in order to enhance its overall experience.

4. Grip

The grip of the knife you are using matters a lot. It is the grip of the design that also depends upon the design of a knife, which leads the knife to have a fine grip. Obviously, if your knife has a fine grip, you will be able to hold it easily in your hand, in turn, have a relaxed time cutting.

So, before you choose to buy a boning knife, make sure that it has a fine grip for your hand size.

5. Handle

Both the design and the overall material of the handle matters a lot. There are many types of handles installed in the boning knives. However, not all have a good material or shape, which greatly affects the cutting of the knife.

We mostly recommend you use a boning knife with wood or steel handles. The Pakkawood handles, for instance, are great when it comes to material. As long as the shape or the design is concerned, anything that best goes with your hand size and offers you the maximum grip should be the best.

6. Material

In terms of boning knives, there are two types of materials. One is that of

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel

What you prefer among the two also depends totally upon your likes and dislikes. We will tell you the benefits and shortcomings of both.

 So the Carbon steel knives are usually perfect for cutting. They may need high maintenance, but their material is really good. You may need to sharpen them once in a while. They can be quite bulky.

The Stainless Steel shun boning knives are the ones that require low maintenance; they are easy to use, have a lightweight and exceptionally easy cleaning. The only shortcoming here is that carbon steel is a much better material. Also, these knives are not as durable.

7. Sharpness

The sharpness of a blade matters a lot. You need to have such professional meat cutting knives which do not require much sharpness every now and then. A mercilessly sharp blade is needed to cut out or separate the bone from the meat.

8. Cost

When it comes to the cost of the best knives for cutting meat, you need to measure your cloth. By that, we mean to settle on a budget you can afford. Settle a budget and then look for the best meat cutting knives in that price range. Remember that there will always be better knives with a higher price range, but you have to get a good one under your budget.

For beginners. It’s good if you keep the budget under $500. You do not want to buy something that you don’t need, even though that is highly impossible, but this will save you money and also allow you to practice till you finally decide if you need an upgrade and want to have a boning knife in your kitchen.

9. Durability

Last but not least, durability is an underlying factor when looking for a good boning knife. You need to buy a knife which you can surely say will work for the years to come. A knife you are sure will not be damaged no matter what it comes in contact with. A Knife which will last you longer and be equally maintained.


Alright, guys, that’s it for today! We hope you found our review guide on the best boning knives informative and worth the read.

Hopefully, by now, you know a great deal about choosing the best boning knives for yourself; in fact, our list of top-notch knives in the market would already have helped you make up your mind about a certain knife.

What would we recommend, and why?

Well, we would recommend the KYOKU Daimyo Series Boning Knife as the best boning knife. It is one of the best boning knives so far that provides not only an epic performance but also the durability you seek from a boning knife. The overall design of this boning knife is also good. It is easy to hold and effortless in cutting. This will make your job really easy, so grab your piece today to feel the difference.

Please let us know what you guys think, if you have any questions, we are always here to help!


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